Thursday, 17 October 2013

Thankful Thursdee

Wonka here.  today folks it was like this:
And along with the sunshine and blue sky did we all cheer up? YES WE DID!  What else can I tell you?  New motto for day said Owner, I am going to enjoy myself all day long.  Well I said, get on with it then!!  Off she went to buy some train tickets, said tried to do this on line but many hours later thought must need a doctorate in train lines, services, times, trillions of fares and tickets.   the nice advisor at the station did it all in about 15 minutes and the 20 strong queue waiting behind Owner didn't seem to mind overmuch, just one funny look.  Owner said this alone contributed (nice long word for you) to her ongoing positive state of mind!!  Blow me down!

Instead we'll have a fresh para.  Now just to remind you all Don't forget the Wonka Series! on and search for Wonka!  all Owner's stories about me and my pals are there.

More fresh para eh.  now listen up folks, have you seen a film called 'Trance'??  I want to give you a stern warning as it does contain violence and I spose a bit of the other but the warning folks is about a spot of torture near the beginning and I thought Owner would have to turn the whole thing off - meant to be a bit of time out not running for cover!!  We are saving the other one which we think is alright on the violence front as it is Midnight's Children with a dancer on the front cover.  Always a good sign.  Now whilst we are on with dancing did Owner weep away at last night's corrie!  just the storyline of nice Hayley who is slowly dying of cancer and hubbie Roy well he took her to Blackpool and the famous ballroom there.  Owner sobbed and sobbed I said it is only a tv programme!  I spose it makes a change from sobbing contestants on the hex factor, which we shall be glued to tonight it is the American one and we love it 'dog' 'yo'!!  now ruggles did pop for tea last night and made extra sure he was not to be imprisoned in the kitchen like the other night.  We are expecting him shortly.  Now sure I heard on the news about those nice Americans sorting out their finances or some such lark!  so the world keeps turning folks.  Now go steady out there wherever you are in this World.
Big love Wonka x