Saturday, 19 October 2013

Sparkling Satdee

Wonka here.  well alright it was a bit grey out there but for me and Owner?  the sun shone folks the sun shone.  Why you say?  Just a matter of going to sleep, tossing and turning all night long (thanks Lionel) and waking up alright now!! (thanks thingmebob),  Now here follows the second cover folks as promised,  It is book two in the Wonka series:
Yes that is another decent sketch of me folks and in the background the cat chimes and a little toy that is a wind up cat with a ball.  Yes.  yes it is old, a bit like Owner (oops nearly an under the bed comment - as opposed to under the belt!  Am I funny or what?  don't answer that then).

Fresh para.  Now Ruggles not been sighted so far in and Owner has risked it and put a big fat plate of food in the shed.  The poor shed door is pushed too and we have both prayed to the God of good shed doors to make it close to once it is opened.  Owner went and bought me some fish as I looked a bit peaky. Plus I had been slightly I said slightly pat and mick in the night.  Owner worried about this for all of ten seconds and made decision that freshly cooked fish will put me right back up there.  I have eaten it yes.  Back up there?  I am laid under one of my sun lamps aka a desk lamp.

Final freshly cooked para.  tonight folks you will recall Owner makes a special square eyed effort for the nation and watches two reality shows back to back so closely they could be knitted together.  First up is the dancing, and our favourites are that nice Pasha and his partner whatshername.  We do love Anton and Fiona, and big Ben (say no more)Now once we are sated on that do we turn over for more fun with the singing well some of it is.  We managed a tiny morsel of the American offering and caved in long before Simon and the groups.  and the chairs.  We love Cazualtee and will catch up with that maybe tmro if we can find time.  Charlie, that is the aged nursey who knows all, was comforting nice nursey Tess who has fallen in love with the wrong man (not again!!).  We love it.  Now enjoy your evening folks wherever you are in the World.  Big love Wonka x