Sunday, 10 November 2013

Remembrance Service Sundee

Wonka here.  What a beauty day for it! the sun on the rooftops, seagulls sitting up on the chimney tops.  A day to rejoice in folks.  Now Owner wants to remember some old fogies I mean ancestors of hers, recently discovered thanks to aged parent.  One day you will pour through old photos and bits of newpaper cuttings, all that old yellow paper, all those faces and you think who are they?


On our left folks, is Owner's great uncle Percy Perry on her Dad's side and on our right is George Smith also a great Uncle on her Mum's side.  In common they shared a short brave life, both fighting and dying in the First World War.   We are remembering these two brave boys today, and we are free to do so.  And as I like to say hankies away now folks! 

Fresh para.  Now what else you wonder on this solemn occasion|?  Well Owner has only played Scarborough Fair once today, but it is growing on me and maybe one day we might see the Morris Quinlan Experience here in our neck of the woods.  Then folks I can say I know someone, and so can Owner!  Apart from this musical interlude, once again has dear Ruggles popped in from his shed retreat to munch on freshly caught chicken.  The chicken world have been warned!  Me? thanks for wondering, I am fine, slept nicely on a fresh duvet (you recall the other one had to go in the wash due to my little upset) and managed to eat a little bit here and there in between sleeping.

Final para.  last night did we sate ourselves (do love that word sate) on pretend stroke reality shows.  In the dancing one a teensy bit of controversy (get me!) as nice Natalie who was nasty Tyrone's beaty up girlfriend in Corrie, well did she faint at rehearsals and end up in hospital with nice Artem (haven't heard otherwise) reported to all of us out here watching.  and the outcome of all of that you say?  She shoots through to the special Blackpool week without dancing.  yes.  We love it.  Dear Darcy judge thought for a minute it was Brighton they were all going off to!  Until half the population of this country put her right that is.  Now on the singing side we had a bit of swing and yes some shouting I mean singing too.  Rough copy belted out this well belter and someone cried a river and it wasn't that nice Mr Buble.  Tonight I fear more of the same, but also Owner may talk to someone on a phone thing.  Worst news?  the last in the series of the big house where all the slaves get to live a life and their Owners muck it up.  I want you all to have a happy evening wherever you are in the world.  Big love Wonka x