Sunday, 17 November 2013

Seagull Sundee

Wonka here.  did we both snoozle in this good morning as nothing to leap up for, so no alarming alarms, just me ready with a claw..only joking Owner!  Now Owner slept well and reports some dreams as follows, handling lots of small change ie pennies, I said does that mean small changes in your waking life Owner?  she is big on dreams and a firm follower stroke hero worshiper of Carl Gustav Jung.  Yes.

New para.  guess what? well you will never guess so I will tell you instead.  You know I have a small obsession with the seagulls, and I do go on watch out front and out back.  sometimes a cheeky seagull comes down to peck in a dustbin and even once jumped on the kitchen roof right where I could see it!
So Owner was distracted this morning when they did start up with more of their full on wailing than normal.  We looked out back and there they were in a little seagull huddle on the chimney tops.  Owner may be linking into my obsession as when I said to her what about a photoshoot she said I can do better than that!  And here it is folks:

There were jumping up and down, spreading their wings and giving it everything!  We love them.

Fresh and possibly last para.  Breaking news from Owner.  You recall how much she likes the American hex Facktor only to lose it?  well yesterdee, she found it.  it was hiding all the time on Satdee morning TV.  NO WONDER, said Owner, I could not find it at that time of day.  I did question folks, whether it needed finding, but Owner does love a singing contest and we use that word loosely.  Back in this land, the dancing did not let us down.  We were so entranced Owner got two thirds of the way down a bag of toffee popcorn that would feed a family of four for a week.  Onto the singing show, that is our hex factor, to find some evidence of it.  One of them forgot the words to 'Diamonds are forevahhhh' and was commended for keeping going.  I said to Owner, how will that go down with a paying audience but she was too busy eating the popcorn.  Said so noisy could not hear me or the singing.  Tonight we have the results of all their actions and Owner has voted for nice Abi dancing.  it was a free vote you understand and easy to follow the link.  We love it.  Now tmro is Owner's big consultation with another Dentist, who our real Dentist recommends.  We do love him and trust him (the latter) so will hold on for our verdict.  Now go steady out there folks wherever you are in the world.  Big love wonka x