Friday, 15 November 2013

Flippin Fridee

Wonka here.  Off we go then last day of the week and the temperature is rising, although forecasters say will be colder next week.  Talk of snow, that kind of colder.  You heard it here you heard it here folks.  Now enough on the weather front.  Owner says is not sorry to see an end to this week as overly stressed with (usual list) 1) getting up for nothing, well not nothing you understand let's just put some perspective on that (champion of a word) Owner means to not get a shout from that dead end agency she is still attached to 2) to be running the whole gamut (I've outdone myself with that one) of emotions re family and 3) she has forgotten what this one is.

Fresh para.  Owner still cannot remember 3) so thankfully I can relate what is really interesting about today.  it is all about needy children folks and here follows a tiny photoshoot that you will love but you cannot have him!!
Now this little bear is the bear who upholds the Children in need appeal, and Owner has him in the car all year round as says and I can quote ' children are in need all year not just on one day!' I badly wanted to say what about me, but managed not to.  So little bear lives on the passenger seat and that is Owner's best sunshades next to.  She found them (says).

Second to last para.  So all day long on our favourite Radio Station, did we listen up to see if our small donation had warranted a play.  We tried nice Mr Evans who was his usual manic self, but to no avail and waited in vain all day to hear our request.  Can you guess what it was folks?  Nice Mr Mayo might fall upon it perhaps and it was of course Scarborough Fair by our lovely band in progress The @MorrisQuinlan Experience... Owner loves them and sometimes I do to.

Last para.  Now today started a bit juddery and tricksy but turned out alright.  why you say?  because Owner had a lovely phone call with daughter and it entailed (lovely lovely word) both shouting at each other and half listening and both being stressed out and lots, yes lots of those words in it.  I had to leave the room.  They loved it.  Ruggles you ask?  fed and watered and I have news on the hot water bottle front but I am saving it.  Me? thanks for bothering, I did a small seagull watch and a large nap.  Now tonight we do not have a masterchef which was rather good last night it kept Owner nicely distracted from all her shortfalls and goings on.  We may watch a little of the needy children's night thing on beeb one.  Owner is preparing for a trip out tomro and must stay focussed.  Now go steady out there wherever you are in the world.  Big love Wonka x