Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Thriller Tuesdee!!

Wonka here.  We got up and we got on with it.  It has gone freezing by the way, with a slight frost.  But big news of the day is that Owner has a black eye, a swollen cheek and a small round red mark above her eyebrow.  I nearly ran away in fright when I saw it, but this took awhile due to the total BLACKOUT we went through!  so you can see what an exciting day we had here!!

Fresh para to annoy you as you want to know the nitty gritty.  the upshot is folks, that our main story, RUGGLESES TAIL is now the top story, ahead of Owner's search for a new car, ahead of not having a job and going to starve, ahead of dentist's bills and trips to the dentist, infact why talk of anything else you say, we want to hear about Ruggles.  Well Owner nervously waited for him to turn up this afternoon as was ready to corner him!  had the carrier ready, the phone to ring the vets with ready, and yes did he turn up.  I said to Owner I said, are you going to do it Owner?  Are you going to get him in the carrier even though he might battle and fight and scratch?  And Owner, once more, was very very brave.  then it happened.  What you say?  the power cut happened and all the lights went out!  Just as Owner was phoning the good vets to say I cannot do this!!
That folks, is the light we had to guide us, once the lights failed.  It is a little shrine thing that Owner lights up every evening, and tonight did it come in extra handy.

Final para.  I do like a cliffhanger don't you??  Owner will tell me off if I don't finish the tale (sorry).  So there they were, Owner and a crouching leopard stroke tiger stroke Ruggles up against the good kitchen to dining room door.  I am on the other side fearing for Owner's life.  She goes (and I quote) 'please get into the carrier Ruggles'.  I think this is when he lunged at her face and why she is was briefly looking like something out of Carrie.  After she had cleaned up her face and daubed it with this green ointment, she tried again.  This folks, is when the hand of God stroke St Francis came down and pushed ruggles into the carrier.  Still in the dark, Owner managed to shut it and bar it and trap Ruggles in it!  In a whirl she drove to the good vets and he is now captured and ready for his operation.  And the rest.  The credit card is poised folks poised.  As I say, when the lights came back on and I saw Owner's face I nearly ran under the bed in fright.  Luckily Owner could not see the damage by candlelight and may not notice even now.  Says it hurts a little bit.  But we are happy that Rug will be looked after now.  yes he is to come home and be set free.  we will let you know.  Now after all that, we are just watching nice holby city and there is a new doctor person who looks very like the villain from corrie but we love it.  Go steady out there wherever you are in the world.  Big Love Wonka x