Saturday, 29 October 2016

National Caturday!!


I know that does not need an answer OF COURSE YOU DID!!

Well I missed you folks all out there living it up, living it down and meeting yourself coming backwards.... YES I have moved residence and have a new bunch of rooms to navigate and oversee.  it was a trifle demanding and I succumbed (brill word I love it) to my yearly dose of sneezing and running eyes. OH! said the Vet, he had the same thing nearly exactly a year ago.....................and it cost Owner roughly the same price too!  Not to worry folks as Owner did manage to whisker me down to the vets and back even though she was in the middle of moving.  I love her AND thanks to the two week antibiotic PLUS my booster, I am tip top and Bristol Fashion.X

OOOH!!  Yes, purely for your delection folks, one of Owner's beauty illustrations from the latest Wonka Presents! A Spooky Tale - available on for a few measly pence. JUST to keep me and Bubb oh and Ruggles too in best biscuits (and boosters and such).  Just follow this tiny link...............X
When Owner popped onto the smashwords site it gave her all this info about 'WIDGITS' What its? I says up??? I don't know Wonka, she goes back to me.  (and I quote) 'I followed all the instructions and I still don't get it............'  This folks is what I have to live with day in day out.  Now back to the move folks.  ARE YOU HAPPI AS a lark Wonka? you all shout up concerned about me never mind bubbster and Rug. I LOVE it actually, there are a million birds to look out pigeons, sparrows, seagulls. more sparrow like birds and goodness me just about every bird you can name.ALSO, there are cats bobbing around on the rooftops of sheds and walls and looking at them close up. it is paradise found folks.X
Aside from it being a national caturday folks it is also building up to the Halloween time of year.................

There we are!! Perhaps our window may be different this year AND we may not have so many callers in the shape of children often known to Owner from the millions of schools she has worked in.................. 'HALLO MISS!' they say as they recognise her..............X (and they say they will be nice to her now. Hmm.X)
Now also whilst we have been moving things have moved on apace on the tv.  Candice won the bake off and we loved it, and her lippie did the whole nation proud.  Oti and Danny and Ore and Jo are our newbie faves in Strictly.  Owner has got their names wrong a couple of times now but I have not said anything. In Corrie everyone is having a baby or it seems like it and thingy has had a stroke - Tracy tried to blame it on Peter but it must be her fault.  We are not sure what is happening in Enders as Fil is missing along with most of the main characters that Owner identifies with.  Even Shazzer is not there nor Shirlee. (?) And that brings us nicely to the Hex Factor where we really do not know what is going on.  I promised Owner we can watch it tonight and figure it out BUT it does clash with Casualtee and as you know this is Owner's security blanket on a Saturdee.X
I wanted to tell you all about the parking at our new abode which Owner insists on calling the Crow's Nest.  The entire house is on a tilt folks BUT I am adjusting.  As for the car with no name it is busy revving up and reversing in what daughter said was " the smallest street I have ever knowed." end of and street fact up.X
We are now spiralling (nice use of word.X) towards Christmas folks and I wonder if anyone has given a thought to buying our Christmas Story?? in case you had forgotten here it is........X
Treat yourself!!! and obtain it on why don't you??!X
Now I must fly...Bertie has taken to hiding under the giant nest that is Owner's bed and Ruggles has only taken over the little study complete with settee and a look out to die for!!! YES I am being as friendly as friendly can be with them.....X
Be nice to everyone this coming week and I PROMISE it will pay off.  Have plenty of snoozles to build your energy up and go easy on the biscuit trough.  Until next week folks! Big Love Wonka X