Saturday, 12 November 2016

Then it happened.X

WHAT DID Wonka?? you all whisper up having just woken up slash got up slash been up for hours and just about to pop back for a proper sleep...... That strange chap Donwald the Trump conquered Hillary with two ells and is even now POISED to go in the White House. He is the new president elect folks and NO ONE personne OR nowee kahin (and that folks is hindi, YES x) can believe it.

There we are! we turned on the good radio two and all we herd next was trump trump trump AND WE DON'T mean Nellie the Elephant either.  it is what the world has turned into whilst we were all looking folks - so we had best keep a good proper eye out now.  End of and donwald the trump fact up.X
IS THERE ANY OTHER NEWS to speak of Wonka you all ask up nicely noticing that I am a tad annoyed this morning. And yes siree there is!  Owner's soiree passed off without a hitch!  DID THE VINO help you all pester me up..... the vino, the cheesle and biscuits and the crowning glory folks was Owner's flapjack. if you are patient and good I might pop the recipe on here next week.... and If Owner had pulled the tray out of the oven say 5 minutes earlier she wouldn't have had to go at it with hammer to break it up into bite size pieces!! it was blinking gorgeous! X
So there we are folks the new home, or Crows Nest as we call it, is well and truly christened.  Ruggles has been making strange mewling noises at the little study window and we think it is about Camber. WHO?  Camber lives at No 1, and looks a bit handy.  She is a beauty champagne colour, and fluffy with it.  She sat atop the wall just over the backway and Ruggles spied her. DID SHE NOTICE Wonka? you all want to know and are wide awake now with this good diary blog thingy wotsit.  Camber did look up once Owner made silly kissing noises at the window.  There may be a cartoon of this who knows.  it is hard enough getting Owner to do anything as she will bleat on about how tricky it was moving (?) and sorting out the new home (?) and doing a job as well.......ME? thanks for asking, and as you know I've had my work cut out as I have three floors to do it all on now and TWO lots of facilities to scrape in (how was I to know one was for Rugglesis? x) and three feeding zones.  it is exhausting folks I can tell you.X
Money wise we are leaning hard on our best friend the credit card who is proving to be a warm and generous friend. NO ONE and personne again, is looking at our new tale, A Spooky Tale and we do recommend it.  once more folks it is on good
and here is now to get there..............
you will love it when you do......................X
There we are!!  That is Ginger Tom who takes us through the tale and there is the clock with the secret - oh! that lost hour and what happened there ......X and if you want to read more about this story, which is part of a trilogy (ooohhh!) then you must read our New Year's Eve story, also on, the second installment - and wait! The third and final installment may be uploaded for the end of this year folks.  What a treat.....X
Now folks we are deep into the begin of Winter weather and the trickledown to Christmas, so wrap up warm and fluff up your furry coats!  smile at your enemies as nothing confuses them more than being loved instead of the other AND keep a good eye on that donwald chappie. I haven't mentioned Tresa Maynot and I'm not going to.  Big Love Wonka X