Saturday, 5 August 2017


DO YOU MEAN THAT NICE Rhubarb that comes in a crumble with custard Wonka?  NYET!!!

This is the word that I have persuaded Owner to use when referring to(BIG LIST Folks.X)
1.  anyone in authority that thinks they know all about aged parent.
2.  anyone in or out of authority that want to LEAVE the EEEWE. aka the EU.
3.  anyone calling up and saying it is alright we are not a scamming phony person we are authentic. (Owner immediately blocks them.  she loves blocking.X)
4. anyone delivering anything to the wrong address when Owner is in and waiting.
5. anyone this week.X

There we are!! This is saving Owner from going potty!! and it is Pedro from the new thingy on Beeb 2 about puppies AND their new homes.X

What has saved this household from going bonkers?  there is a nice new series on the telly called Letterbox which Owner has clung to nicely, only wavering for a moment when that over the top presenter Mel declared AGAINST cats.  Did this stop Owner from making comments and posting stuff on twitter?? NYET.  She even created a beauty cartoon to celebrate the letter AITCH.  This kept Owner quiet for 2 minutes as did 10 Pupsters and US.  We love Jura who will be a champ rescue dog in the highlands of sconny botland AND we love Poppy and Pedro.

There is brave and talented rescue dog to be JURA!! and Owner is a busy beelet drawing Poppy for next week!! X

Bertrude has pleased the Vet.  HOWCOME you all shout at me interested at last in what I am on about.  She was trundled to the vets yesterdee with a sample of you know what and it turns out she can stick to THREE UNITS of insulin now.  I AM PLEASED said the Vet.  of course Owner was in too much of a daze from the next round of meetings about aged parent to take much in.  ARE YOU? she says.  I did wonder whether the supposed creeping onset of dementia they all reckon is sweeping over aged parent is spreading a small tentacle towards Owner.  RHUBARB Wonka! she shouted at me so I didn't mention it after all.X

In the political world nothing DE RIEN has happened.  Donwald the Trump is still being a pretend president and everyone isn't pretending that he is. Any good that is.  personally I blame the same set of people who all went and voted LEAVE instead of REMAIN.  Owner shouted that word again followed by a sheep noise.  As far as we know Jezzer still hasn't gone on holidee in Venezuela or Israel or any other contentious fighty old country.  HE COULD BE ON A RETREAT muttered Owner OR on a health farm OR just behind a closed door at home.  Vinnie Cable our new bestest has gone quiet and he could be on holidee too.X

Also on the telly Owner had to turn off Enders as she said THATS RHUBARB or words to the effect when FIL went to rescue LOO from her mad mother. It was hard for a moment to pick out the mad one and even Shazzer was in the running.  They are all in hospital (again) til next week.  thankfully in Corrie good Steve Macdonald who has married everyone in the street and had a babe with them proposed to LEEANN and she said YES.  Almost as heartwarming as Norrice and Mary.  There were however TWO yes TWO dark moments, as FEELAN went to confess to all those murders in a proper confessional boxy thing AND thingy who was married to Steve but is now with wotsit ended up in the boot of a car...I know.  nailbiting or wot.X

Wot with Vet visits and aged parent visits and planning for daughter coming to stay.  OOH.  that has meant a lot of staring at products in the maze like supermarket to check it doesn't have ANYTHING to do with animals in it.  Owner found a person staring at the frozen cabinet and tried to help.  IT IS MY GRANDAUGHTER goes the woman, SHE IS NOW VEGAN.   I KNOW says Owner wisely and then they both stare together.  I know.X and I really do know.XX  So far Owner has enough cheese to feed a parcel of mice and a bag of skittles.  End of.X

Now can next week slow down a bit please AND NOT have any fraught rhubarb meetings.  On the good side Owner bought a pinafore dress and looks the biz in it.  I LIKE THIS A LOT Wonka she told me.  That means folks I can stand or lay easy for a good few weeks until the next cry of despair goes up!  Take it steady and DO REST UP when the going gets tough and rhubarby folks.  Big Love Wonka X

PS I haven't mentioned Ruggles because all he does is rest up, eat up and use the facilities.  he still makes that off gurgling sound when he scratches in his ears and Owner says this is alright and not to worry.yes.X