Saturday, 29 July 2017


Good Morning Up Folks!! First up to make you all feel better about your credit cards, your hair, your life...........OH NO THAT'S OWNER'S LIFE!!!! X Herewith is a photo of A BUTTERFLY escaping from one of the Buddleia!!

There we are!! What a snap from Owner who was saying things like 'this bkngsl££"! Camera needs charging Wonka! Can I get the butterfly first!! OH tha;g85649!! etc.and wotnot.X
Now you will also want to see some good snaps of ME:

OH!! I know I look the biz and I dare say you want one of my sparring mate Ruggles?X

Butter would not melt!! BUT folks only this morning did we have a tiny spat.  Who won?? IT DOES NOT MATTER. end of.XX
What of the Bubster you all shout out worried that Bertrude is left out.  There is a photo of Bertie but Owner spent half her life looking for it and STILL could not locate it (good use of word.X) SO instead here is one of her paws poking out from her beloved lair.X

There she is!! AND Owner successfully changed the insulin cartridge after hours of reading the instructions.  THEN clicking the pen and NOTHING, DE RIEN coming out.  Then folks she had a lightbulb go BANG in her bonce and she realises she has to get ALL THE AIR OUT Wonka.  Thus proving folks that she is turning into a chemist and a vet. I know.X
In other lesser news, Owner had a lovely day out in Bridlington with daughter and feeancee.  YES.  it is a proper romance with big moves involved too.  OVER THE SEA.  And if this silly brexit on toast carries on much longer folks, Owner says she will look at such a big move also.  ME? thanks for asking, and as you know I will try anything (once I have triple checked it for scary things.x) BUT for this adventure I might consult with the others. Ruggles and Bertie even if they do both hiss and spit before I can get a word in.X
I'M off to the Hairdresser! she tells me; Owner has a hair apt WITH the new one folks which so far is going well.  Once this horrid shade of yellow goes Wonka............(now where have I heard that? X).  Other things that went to plan despite days of fretting was a delivery folks.  The text foretold when the goods would arrive.  another text told the TIME they would be delivered.  Owner was IN at the said time and blow me down did a knock at the door have the goods safely delivered into Owner's hand!!! AND she liked one of the jumpers.  PHEW.X
The silly season is now upon us folks and Tresa Grey has gone off on her silly hols.  We have heard nothing of Jezzer and his plans except stuff saying HE HATES THE EEYEW, plus how he has sold all those brill students down the line with his story of student funding. not.  Owner says she knew this all along but the young and IMPRESSIONABLE she says to me, students would not have a word said against their new saviour.  Me and Owner are in with Vinnie Cable at the mo,  we love him.X PS and we are still Green too.X
On the telly there is a distinct lack of tip top drama.  Louis and Philippe have gone off somewhere, The Loch managed to solve itself and even that daft choir show with the RIFF OFF has gone. Owner has taken to a new show called Letterbox with that infuriating Mel in it, who Owner says THE JURY IS STILL OUT Wonka.  I did say is that because she is very funny, very witty and knows her stuff Owner? but luckily Owner did not hear me above shouting at Stacee who is behind the bar (not that one) in Enders. In Corrie Liz and Stevee are no longer behind their bar in the Rovers and instead it is whiny thingy who is Leeannes sister and alcoholic Petah.  I DON'T LIKE HER says Owner glued to the screen.X
Thankfully there is Casualtee tonight to keep Owner occupied and that nice Nik Knowles in that annoying quiz thingy.  name three million pop stars who sang about mud - alright 5 then.X
Next week cruises us all into August folks which should be a good and steady munf. And if it isn't Owner will write a letter of complaint!! chins up and furry fur fluffed!! Big love Wonka X