Saturday, 1 July 2017

Bond, Mr Michael Bond.X

EVENING ALL!!! YES I am as fine as the beauty day we just had out there AT LAST that smelly old sea fret lifted to reveal a blue sky and sunny shine.  For at least three or was it four it felt like more (ah I do like a Rupert Bear Rhyme X) days it went chilly, it went rainy it went GREY folks.  And guess what. YES!! you got it right - Owner cheered up briefly out of her relentless complaining and wothaveyou and she cheered up because, Mr Michael Ball and Mr Alfie Boe were soaked to the skin at the Scarborough Open Theatre!!

WHAT IS SO CHEERING about that Wonka you all shout at me wide awake because it is Satdee Evening.  I'll tell you folks, it cheered Owner up because she does not like Mr Boe.  What of Mr Ball though you all wonder up?  Despite him taking over the Sundee show that darling Tezzer Wogan used to do, Owner is still alright there.  I know.  Folks, there is no rhyme or reason to Owner and her likings.X

There we are!! with Owner's tribute to Paddington Bear who was created by Mr Michael Bond and we love him.  Night Night to Mr Bond who has popped to the room next door now.  What a wonderful legacy says Owner going all serious and such like, to leave us with such a bear.X
Now it has been a busy bee week and frankly folks Owner has been here there and there again.  If she wasn't droning on the phone to someone alright complaining, she was actually having a face to face meeting with them and folks - I cannot tell you enough times how scary that is.  Me?  thanks for asking I've been up and doing, helping Bertrude out with the biscuit trough, having a little game of battles with Ruggles AND my best mate Poppet from up the end there came round and let me sniff her from my side of the gate!!  all we saw was her shadow moving and Owner scaled the gate to look over the top ready to shout GO AWAY to clodagh bunny who has been stalking the fledglings.  Two of them sheltered in the outback the other morning and Owner thinks, escaped nicely. it is all happening outback folks.X
What about Owner's hair you all whisper to me concerned it is overgrown yellowish brown and a mess. Fate has stepped in folks and led Owner to a new hairdresser!! Called Shadow!  she now looks a million dollars and I made sure I told her that the minute she fell back through the good front door with all that shopping. X
On the silly old political front, Jezzer is on about the many and not the few which is different from them and us and Tresa Grey hasn't said anything into her microphone on that stand thing today.  All are arguing about Brexit and as you know Bertrude is set against it as are me, Rugglesis and Owner.x
Telly wise, Owner has clung to the soaps and those singing wotsits where you all shout very loudly but no one can hear you, and then the wrong ones get through and the ones you really liked all say THANKS for the experience and then go home and cry their eyes out.x
Now next week is coming up to be another busy bee week and Bertrude is booked into see her fave vet on wednesdee. IT's JUST A CHECK up drones Owner but I never believe that story folks and I have tried to warn Bertrude of course I have, but every time I look at her and before I have chance to speak does she hiss at me and pad off under the bed.  I mean.X
Be on your bestist behaviour folks and don't let the side down! smooth fur and fresh whiskers!!  That should see them all offski.  Big Love Wonka X