Saturday, 24 June 2017

Wonka does his weekly.X

Listen up folks, stop what you are doing and LISTEN UP.
Now what Wonka you all say, really irritable and wotnot.

This week has been slightly only slightly improved on last week.
Owner has drifted through it only annoying a couple of people as opposed to four five or six, and SO FAR is still talking to daughter, aged sibling and Mother.  THIS is an achievement folks.  As you know Owner can easily provoke and cause an upset whilst telling me that it is THEM not her.  I know.x  In other more important news, Owner has discovered my secret hidey.  In an all out search for me the other day she finally spied me. X
There we are!!  Just having a pleasant 5 mins zzzzzzzzzzzzzz THERE YOU ARE WONKA!! x  It is a tiny cupboard housing the supposed silent boiler and all those pipey switchy things.  I love it in there.  used to love it in there..........X
What else hasn't been happening?  The latest formal complaint is ticking over nicely says Owner, and the next fish and chip outing is still going ahead despite Owner having a slight (only slightly) argument with the nice community transport firm (it is a charity Wonka! she drones to me X) when booking aged parent's journey.  WE ARE NOT A TAXI service they told her.  I KNOW she says back and then gives them a half an hour lecture all about that.  Luckily, the nice man still booked aged parent's journey.X
A week in politics can be very boring except if you live in ingerland with Tresa Grey and all going on and on about stuff and getting heckled by anyone really.  Jezzer has gone quiet and it is just left to a few others to keep the flag flying.  Owner made the silly mistake (one of many folks.X) of saying something to one of the flag flyers on twitter and there is no end to it now.  Goodness, I says up, did you have to rattle their flags Owner?  But it was bordering on a snack time so it came out in a bit of a whisper.X
On the telly we have been square eyed with Broken (toute sad) with Corrie (edge of your seat with nasty Nathan and Bethenee) even Enders got some of our attention.  Owner has taken to muttering at thingy who is with Steve but fancies Josh and her endless pouty face (according to Owner).  It has overtaken Stacee and her relentless everything is loverlee.)  Versailles came to a witchey end and there is to be more!! Tonight we will cling to a singing thing and beloved Casualtee. Ah. Charley Farley nursey will interfere and intervene on our Satdee night.X
I've rescued a bee Wonka! does Owner shout to me.  I did say I haven't got time to answer you I'm busy bee-ing it with this good diary!!  Is she writing anything Wonka? you all wonder up.  Well folks she has started Conversations with Wonka part Eight!! Usually this takes a long time to get going and I think Owner is a binge writer!! She writes in short bursts saving up all those ideas and then suddenly cracks on with it.X
There we are!! We never give up on Wonka Stories.X

Now today folks is Armed Forces Day, and blow me down if those Red Arrows aren't flying over our little town.  Owner thinks we may spy them from one of our windows which nicely looks down on the very bay they are flapping over.  I MAY TAKE SOME SNAPS she drones to me.  OH I says. X
What of Ruggles and Bertie bubb??  Bertie has got through the heatwave with hardly a murmur and is sleeping for Ingerland.  Ruggles has also enjoyed the sun and even liked the new umbrella that Owner set up over the workbench until the wind blew (ever so slightly) and the whole thing fell over.  The umbrella that is.  Naturally since then Ruggles is not overkeen on it.X
The next week may be alright folks who knows.  We must face it square on, with our fur all brushed up the right way and whiskers a tingling!! Have fun and Big Love Wonka X