Saturday, 22 July 2017

We Don't Want a Kitten!

YOU HAVEN'T WONKA? NO folks, that's right I haven't - when times get rough and Owner shouts about and I quote:

does she start romanticising about getting a kitten.  Like when one of the trillions alright a fair few charities send her a dramatic request USUALLY featuring a wisp of a KitKat rescued from a dustbin or a shoebox OR just laying somewhere bleating feebly UNTIL a member of the animal rescuing public chances along AND gets the said kitwit to the vets in the scrape of time!! Then, there is a shivering wreck of a of kit looking up at Owner and demanding YES a donation.  I love you!! she says scribbling out a cheque.  I do say to her I say things like what about us, and what about the rising nay soaring cost of Bertrudes Vetinary bills NOW THAT SHE HAS Diabetes?? I mean.  But generally folks, Owner likes to rescue things and never forget Tinkers and the Boolleys who feature in 'Conversations with Wonka - part Six.'X

There we are!! Tinkers was Tinkerbelle, and she went and had her kits in the Luxury shed as was.  I warned Owner NOT to name them or foster them so what happened?? YES she named them, saved them and loved them.  Little Cadpig was brought back to life in her hands too, and named after the little dalmation in 101 dalmations who was also saved in this way.  Hankies folks! hankies!! X
Has Owner stopped complaining?? has she heck.  AND, she only went and cancelled the next load of torture I mean appointments with the new Dentist!! Has she gone silly you all wonder up and dare to say.... she decided he was just making a few bob out of her teef AND making her feel an old crock into the bargain.  I WILL HOLD ONTO THEM FOR A BIT LONGER she droned to me swilling back another tablet for the twinge on the upper right.X
YES this daft bloggy thing has published itself without a sayso from me.  I ask you.X
In other lesser news, aged parent has had another test to see if she is all there or not.  It is a common mental test for ANYONE staring into the abyss that has the general name Dementia tagged to it.  BUT says Owner all full of a little knowledge, Dementia is a term for the memory loss IT IS NOT ITSELF a disease.  Did aged parent do well at this test you all want to know.  Owner reports she did quite well and is: NOT SENILE YET.  This despite the nursing home rushing her into tests and tablets etc.  How they think they will do all of this behind Owner's back I do wonder at myself folks. And the funny thing was, that, according to Owner as she was on her way to meet with the nice Community Psychiatric Nurse and her support worker AND the aged, good (or not so good but well paid) jezzer Vine comes on the lunchtime show with his Doctor pal, and they run through the same test!! SO I KNEW all the questions in advance Wonka! she tells me when she fell back in later, fairly quizzed out and all.X
Goodness knows now it is the recess thingy those pesky politicians will all be lazing around reading books and plugging into the nearest life support machine ready for the next round of TALKS.  good Vinnie Cable is the new wotsit for the Lib Dems and already Owner loves him.  I know.x
On the good telly, craigie in Corrie is IN LERVE with little Bethanee, but like all good love stories it is unrequited!! Over in Enders Max is lying and conniving and reading bizness reports for evil means.!! Staycee wasn't in it much, so Owner didn't need to shout overmuch.  She did say Shazzer has been usurped by another of Fil's exes, yet another blonde albeit curly.  The Loch has ended with lots of last minute murderers to the fore and we loved it. And now, Owner is in love with Love Your Garden with Alan Titch!! Watch this space folks for more gardening tips!! (have we got one for today Owner I asked her?) Go easy on the snails!
On my timely advice Owner has uploaded the newest and bestest story, The Cat Who Never Was, to where you can all read it for free!!  When it is a premium wotsit I will put a full on link right here I will but until then this is what to look for:
There it is!! and yes!! it may even have a kitten in it too.  And for now folks, kitwits in stories will have to do for Owner's longings.X
What of Ruggles you all chirp up thinking what is he doing these days.  Well folks, he does spend most of them asleep, or eating, or the other AND does hog the blanket box here in the little sitting room.  Blow me down when I go over just to ask him if he is alright does he hiss at me!!  Bertrude was whisked to the vets yesterdee for another check on her insulin levels (a very expensive check folks.x) and it has been increased to 3 UNITS.  has Owner grasped the fundimentals of the insulin pen??? I do hope so folks, for Bertrude's sake.  Now to round off this fascinating report on US, I bring you news that Owner's rescue of a babe gull laying on the road has a happi ending!!  It got knocked by a car and just sat there AMAZINGLY surviving the next load of cars till owner got there to move it to the grass.  THEN she dithered about what to do.  All the gulls circled overhead and the little gull now named Braveheart turned its head and looked up at them!! THEN WONKA I got the blue soft blanket out of the car with no name, wrapped him or her in it and whisked off to the Vets.  And folks, with a patched up wing, Braveheart is now at the Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary!! X
Next Week folks is the final week sort of for July so PUSH THE BILLY BOAT out and Get Creative!! Owner has more than a touch of this and has started a new story!!! With my help of course, so go on have an Inspirational Week of it!! Big Love Wonka X