Saturday, 3 September 2016

Silver Linings....x

HOWDY UP folks and how is your Satdee going?? IN FACT how did your week shake down??never mind all that because here is MY weekly run down starting with this one.

OH says Owner, who has had the week from hell dealing with NOISY neighbours and being poverty stricken.

WHAT is it Owner? I said showing a lot of interest as it was smack on T TIME.....x

IT is a letter from the good publishers all about Wonka's Christmas Story...... (pause whilst you all think what is this Wonka did you write a story and I say YES I told a beaut story and I let Owner illustrate it...)
Here is one of Owner's beauty illustrations from it!X

And here is another one!! XX
Anyway you all shout up impatient to hear the rest WHAT happened next Wonka??
Owner reads the long letter which really only said one thing folks.  for a while she didn't say anything.  Then.
NO ONE Wonka PERSONNE - is reading it or buying it. We have sold DE RIEN copies....
Are you sure Owner I says up from well under the table and ready to accept anything for my tea and even promise not to look at Bertie.....X
THAT's What it says on here Wonka.  now Owner is not one to give up hardly ever alright about once a week before she gets back up and on with it. I said lots of things like: they are reading it on (where it is free folks BUT does not have all the beauty illustrations....) so SOMEONE likes it. No amount of me saying this would help folks as Owner sunk into zero setting on the moodometer.X
WHAT IS THE POINT she droned of publishing it at all?  I says, so that good folks out there can own their very own special copy of MY story.  AND I says up (alright from under the bed now) some folks like to have books instead of scrolling down tablets and wotnot.X  and if you did want an ace Christmas Story it looks like this folks:
There it is and I am very proud indeed to be on the cover. it can be ordered at any bookshop and the one in the sky amazon. XXX
What is, the silver lining to all of this you all shout at me now?
It has made Owner realise that sitting back and waiting for other people to make you famous is a foolish strategy and to be happy that folks read our stories anyway - our new story is to be published soon and this is her wake up call to make sure folks read it as it WILL NOT be on Smashwords..... or will it??? We will keep you posted.XX
In other lesser news and on that graceful theme of silver linings Owner started her new job and she loves it.  PLUS it means we will not completely starve.  The telly has picked up no end and is throwing all sorts at us like HEX Faktors and singers who can sing AND make us cry (Tick.x) Strictly is back on tonight and it is the one where all those dancers are matched up with REAL dancers...rounded off with Casualtee and it is Charley Farley who is holding it all together in thingy town where it is set down.  We love Bake off this year and Candice is our fave this week as she loves her lippie.As does Owner. (TICK.X)  it is the Birfdee season too and lots of meetings up and cakes and cards...first off it is aged sibling and then daughter. THEN Owner.........NO we do not mention how aged she is especially not this week BUT (silver linings..) her hair has gone fab (tick.X) and I said OWNER you look beautiful to ME.
What of Bertie bubb and Rugglestop?? Both doing nicely thank you and looking forward to autumn.  Ruggles is furring up his nest in the kitchen en suite and Bubb is DEFO looking slimmer. I help out here by eating some of his biscuit ration. I know.X
Finally, there was an orphan elephant called special baby on #Ingeniousanimals this week and WE ALL love it to shreds. it had its own special blanket and we think was adopted by the herd. here is that baby elephant.X
There he is (or she? X) have you all fallen in love like me and Owner? and if that isn't a story that started out badly and ended well I don't know what is.  Orphaned, but saved and loved by the other Ellies..............X  A Silver Lining indeed. X
All of you folks out there thinking why am I bothering you must keep going and keep an eye out for your very own silver lining whilst you keep an eye out for more biscuits.....Big Love Wonka X