Tuesday, 30 August 2016

A Special Tribute X

This household (yes I am including the others.....X) wishes to pay humble tribute to the genius that was Gene Wilder....

As you know folks, when I leapt into this home many moons ago, Owner quite rightly spotted that like my namesake Willy Wonka, I would prove to be mischievous and full of fun YET a keen and clever adviser.  There was only ever ONE Willy Wonka from the fab film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Owner has loved him from the off.X

He was says Owner and I quote on this sad morn: 'A comedy genius and a beautiful soul'.  I could not agree more and neither could Bertie or Ruggles who are all fast asleep but what can I do?X

There we are! 'It is because of Gene Wilder, in that film,' droned Owner to me, 'that you are called Willie Wonka!' X

I could not be more proud folks and we are now hoping for a total Gene Wilder fest of ALL yes ALL his films. Starting with that one.

We have as per, lit a candle to help him on his way, and say
HATS OFF to this beautiful soul.XXX and X
Extra big Love Wonka X