Saturday, 27 August 2016


IT SEEMS AGES WONKA you all say up to me, SINCE YOUR LAST diary.  I know folks, and it is good to be missed I always say. AND some weeks stretch into about a month or sometimes a year whilst others dart by with DE RIEN happening in them.

This week Owner had a result. This is rare and infrequent and blue moonish in this house folks. WHAT WAS IT? you all now shout at me wanting to know.  First off there was a mishap, this is usual and normal and daily folks - Owner sped to the doctors to have her ears checked out (thanks to the horrid shouty noisy we DO NOT LIKE THEM neighbours and more on this in a moment.....x) and as usual and normal and everytime she goes, parked up in the wrong street BUT popped the handbrake on which seemed to go wobbly and insecure. OH NO she says to herself and as soon as her ears were pronounced fine by the good Nursey ( who also checked Owner's blood pressure - 'excellent!' I know.X) - she sped to the good garage.
There it is!! The car with no name twinkling away being as ordinary as you like BUT with a faulty handbrake AND due its MOT.  Thanks to this wonderful bounteous brilliant and fab garage it is all fixed up for a bargain price. We love that garage.  End of and RESULT.XXXXXX
What else has gone on then.  The neighbours are horrid and Owner has complained herself silly.  AND registered with a nice housing association as we are too poor to look at anything else. Really Wonka, she droned to me, we need to be housed for (you know what I am going to say folks....) DE RIEN.X and I have tossed a few bits of silver into the wishing well accordingly.I love it.x
Lots of lovely yes they are students got their GCSE results and some of them will be meeting up with my bestest Owner in the entire galaxy when she starts her new job supporting them in their A level quests.  I know.  I have advised myself silly on it folks, telling her what to wear what to say etc.  it is in MY interests for her to hold onto this job otherwise we will all starve. OR the credit card with get above itself.X
Owner is nearly at the end of her Game of Thrones and luckily there is a shedload of reality tv to shield her from real life.  She is now stuck like cling film to the Baking show and Selasi is our fave.  he bikes around London and does something there by way of a job. Then the Hex Factor is back! With Shazzer and Louis to annoy not to mention thingy -AND a feature length Cazualtee. Charley Farley nursey has been there for ever and a day and MUST NOT leave.X
There we are!! This will be our new Satdee look now the shows are back specially the RESULTS shows.  Tis the season.X
You will want to know that Bertie Bubb is fine and dandy and he was last time I squared up to him.  Ruggles is still going in that garden round back and coming home with those burrs in his furs.  Owner tries to pick them off without being mauled to death and so far in, is succeeding. ME? thanks for asking, well you know keeping busy what with that sunny spot by my best toy and occasionally running upstairs when the Vikings come to clean the windows (why??) and of course looking forward to a more relaxed aspect once Owner gets on with her new toil. Which reminds me of one more TV show we fell on by mistake with good Anita Rani (strictly Anita!x) heading up a show called Britain's hardest Workers! Owner hardly stopped shouting at the telly folks, especially with all the talk of low pay and zero hours!!  We loved it and Leon won out.  But so did all the others too.  tuffer than Tuffer.X
Like Owner and the car with no name PLUS her real job I hope you folks out there also share in this resulting week AND it carries on into next week please. yes sirree. so brush up your fur, quiver those whiskers and sparkle with those eyes! Big Love Wonka X