Friday, 20 January 2017

Hello and Goodbye!

It's happened folks that thing in good old americy....they have only gone and inaugurated a new President! Donwald the Trump has taken it on and good Barack Obama (we love him.X) has flown off in a helicopter.  Can we feel the winds of change right here in our new crow's nest?  Owner has been in doldrums and her mood settin (no G according to Mr Steve Wright and his jockin afternoon.....X) has been clutching onto zero.  I know this by the way she shouted at me for having a half hearted spat with rugglesis.  Alright maybe I did rush up to him at full pelt AND do the old hissin and spittin routine.  how was I to know it would frighten and upset Owner?  YES I have stopped it, and I soon rolled round on the not so luxury carpet whilst ruggles is skulking in his lair under the red settee.  I know.X
There we are! Having another spat! I mean.X
In other news and Owner says is there any other news barring OH NO it's happened, the new president said this and his blue wifey I mean she wore a blue thingy, well she hasn't said anything that we know of.............. but yes I am determined to bring you fresh and inspiring news folks and here it is up!:
1.  Beloved Ronnie is back on the green baize and in the semi finals for the Masters. We love him.  End of.X
2.  Owner has had her hair trimmed back so it no longer looks like a hedge on the top of her head (only joking!!) I LIKE IT BETTER she droned and is planning on some new colour in it soon. I said nothing to this, DE RIEN, but we all know how it is with Owner and her hair colour......X
3.  she got through the week at college without (she says) falling out with anyone.  This could be the achievement of the week so far.  Very proud.
4.  the credit card has been battered and tossed and turned and is weighed down with massive debt BUT Owner says the new clothes she HAD to buy on it, make up for the worry caused by buying them.  I did reassure her folks, she looked a treat and I was letting her off about the non essential shopping as it moved her mood settin up a slight notch to maybe 2 or 3.x
5.  The best news is that Owner is planning a short break in...roll on the drums building to a noisy crescendo thingy wotsit NEW YORK. the credit card is laying down and restin up ready to take this latest giant expense in its stride.  Seriously folks, she said she will not go IF WONKA I have to fret about you and Rug and Bertie Bubb.x

There we are!! Owner looking nice and relaxed!  this is as rare as say spotting a lesser known dinosaur out and about in the wild with Dave Attenborough reportin on it.X
YES Bertie is alright and frightened us all the other day by trotting down to the next level.  Owner said Dave Attenborough might want to study him next.  I mean this was unprecedented ( need to lay down now) behaviour for the bubster who generally only moves between his lair, his food and the facilities.X
Now sometimes this good blog publishes itself without my sayso and in keeping with these strange times IT HAS INAUGURATED itself.!
Thankfully folks, I was near the end of all the news except to say go steady out there these are strange times and anything could happen.  and it has done too................I haven't mentioned Jezzer and I won't say another word and as for Tresa Maynot, she is still babbling on about Brexit until Owner goes into a frenzy about it. And wearing tartan suits of all things. RIDICULOUS shouted Owner when she heard.X
Do steady up, no spitting or spatting folks, be nice and try and get along even when your fur is bristling up! maybe just dab a claw in...................big Love wonka X