Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Wonka Presents! An Egyptian Tale

Owner nearly gave up on this so many times BUT SHE KEPT GOING......and thanks to that terrier like attitude folks, the new story did get published (#AustinMacauley) - no one, PERSONNE took any notice according to the good publishers of this fact BUT STILL Owner clung on to her faith in this new story.X

SO WHAT she droned to me, if no one is interested in talking to me about my book? I STILL LOVE IT.  End of x

There it is! our new story by my beloved Owner, AND me.  AND all the illustrations are Owner's.  It is worth your attention folks it really is.  You can find it on Amazon, the shop in the sky, or, go mad and order it in a real bookshop .....the best thing is, it is dedicated to a small adult stroke child called Phoebe who once described me, Wonka, as a cool cat. that kind of flattery is furry and purry and we love it! X
This is my small but very important announcement for the last day of January folks, and in amongst all the other angst ridden news, I hope it is welcome respite for you all.  Sent to you as always, with Big Love Wonka X