Saturday, 3 December 2016

Wonka's ADVENT and news.......X

Here we are my little and large folks wherever you are in the world you all look forward to MY news and MY advent.

Here we are!! There is #duffel and Sam who star in three stories all on  The very first Easter story, then another #Duffel again and then, our last one which is on this very link:
And there it is folks!
In other fascinating news Owner has bought shares now in Kleenex soft tissues.  I said to her (from up in the crows nest whilst she was snuffling and snorting in the kitchen) I said Owner will you never stop blowing your snort I mean your nose. I don't think she heard me though above searching for the next packet of tissues and downing more hot lemon.  I know.X
Ruggles has more than settled in and has a daily routine. Eating sleeping using the facilities and a bit of glaring out at the vista towards the sea and towards the miniscule street at the front.  It is so tiny I thought Owner would never park up, but blow me down after a life time of revvings and wotnot, she did it.  Very proud.  Now Bertie as you know rests up in the crows nest oblivious to the world outside except for the intricacies of brexit.  He took against this from day one and is still pondering on what Tresa Maynot will muck about with next.  The web of lies is unravelling folks.  I know, I thought that was poetic even though Owner said to take it out Wonka!X
Telly wise I have been limited by Owner's cold which seemed to dictate (good use of word) going to beddy byes around 8pm instead of the usual 9pm or sometimes when she pushed the boat out, 10.  For this reason Holbee Citee is still a cliff hanger as we only managed half of it.  I did catch the bit where one of the gangly trainee doctor or nursey thingies suddenly introduced himself as a son of thingy. No one fell in love or out of it we think but how can I know as it was cut short.  NOT SO corrie, which Owner clings to like ivy. (clever use of expression there.X) Feelan has wormed himself back in with Eileen as we feared, and Caz is still pretending to be murdered.  Owner has decided she does not like Maria even more than she does not like Caz and we await the moment when Ayden rescues her (Maria) and they run off into the sunset. We want more of the countdown clock to Roy and thingys wedding as it is ace.X
Surely there is more news Wonka you all shout at me impatient for gossip and such.  In a nutshell, Owner has felt ugly and (quote) 'my hair has gone floppy and overgrown.' I did say you look exactly the same to me, but from well behind the trolley with the printer on it which may have muffled my words....X
Owner is still liking her job and feels more settled in our new and deluxe home.  She has nearly stopped moving rooms round and the plant is still in position the last time I checked. (today).
Tomorrow folks is the outing with aged sibling for the first in a round of Christmas meals.  I am going to enjoy it Wonka she told me up, and has selected an outfit.  Who knows folks she may come home full of fun! Every year I wait patiently as is my nature, for the spirit of Christmas to descend.  It could happen from a film (It's a Wonderful Life.x) it could happen from a Christmas card, or lights or just some little whiff of a fir tree or a bright star.....who knows folks but you must keep an eye out for yours - and make a wish when it happens!!X
Ah!! This is an old illustration by Owner when she first caught the idea for #joeschristmas (on folks X) and there it is, the glass paperwight with the little Christmas tree inside and on the top the special star - as it falls out it can be wished on! Folks, do make a wish...........X
Keep that nose a sniffing and those eyes a gleaming! Big Love Wonka X