Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Wonka's ADVENT!

Bonjour, Ola, Dobroye utro! (blimey I have outdone myself - that is good morn in rusky Russian. maybe. X) and everyone else in the known world Good Morning!!  it is now whether we like it or not, DAY TwentyONE of December and time for the next good advent:
Blow me down stairs and to the new back door if it isn't Bertie Bubb!! No longer huddled in the Narnia cupboard but living it up in the land of bedroom with an entire ensuite at his disposal.  I know.  jealous? MOI? not a bit of it.  Just because when I trot upstairs after a hard day's checking and cause a little cafuffle (catfuffle!!X) and Bertie seems to find me threatening and must hiss and run away - I mean?.... STOP IT Wonka mumbles Owner, who says she was just dropping off to sleep.  I know.X
Now do stick to your list and try not to start buying things 1.  You don't need. and 2.  Neither do they. 3. it is the shortest day so that will help!!  Big Love Wonka X
PS Owner was moaning up last night that she misses looking over at her old neighbour's house and seeing his fab light show round his good front door. so guess what! Does she look out of our new crow's nest home this morn and spots his giant van parked up opposite.  ITS HIM she shouts up to me and I must say I was enjoying FIVE precious minutes shut eye BUT I am rejoicing too.  DID SHE GO OUT AND TALK TO HIM Wonka? you are all now on the edge of your best seats wantin to know. YES! X