Saturday, 24 December 2016

Wonka's ADVENT!

Welcome folks to my SAtdee ADVENT and little tiny eensy weensy round up of the week.  First UP is it Christmas Eve?  YES SIREE you all shout up and has it been a week or what?? Owner reports having to queue up in her least fave supermarket and finally (she tells me up.  I know.X) she had to shout at the man in the yellow jacket who, she droned to me, was supposed to be directing busy shoppers who had had enuffski, out of said car park.  DID HE HELP Owner? I says nicely because it was smack on my tea time?? FINALLY Wonka, she told me, and only after she had fixed him with her special fed up stare.  I mean.X

Diversion whilst we look at the final ADvent before the day:
Aha! What else would it be but our very best Christmas Story! with Owner's best ever illustrations.  We love it and we are proud!! here it is, in a real picture folks:
There it is folks!! and soon be time for the new story............X
Owner survived her work's do and even came home in time for tea. DID YOU ENJOY IT Owner I says to her, once more mindful (I do like that word.  mindful. X) that it was snuggling up to a snackeral of something.  IT WAS VERY CIVILISED Wonka she did tell me.  it turns out she was sat at a round table wedged between a work colleague she likes and someone she hasn't met before.  HE DID GO ON ABOUT HIMSELF Wonka, she told me.  It could have been nerves I suggested, and I did say I would have been a bit nervous sat next to her but luckily she didn't hear me above going on about the nice guinness she had in the pub after.X
Apart from that little foray, Owner has mostly been busy mucking about with shopping and looking after the house and looking after us and keep going up and down stairs with things. She has packed a bag up she tells me for the Christmas Eve tea party with aged parent and sibling.  sometimes folks these little get togethers especially where family is involved have disaster written all over them but Owner assures me that what happened last year IS NEVER HAPPENING AGAIN Wonka.  OH I said up politely.  We are not, she continued up, having a rerun of last Christmas.  End of.  Which is why folks, the season of goodwill with the ageds, has moved forward to today, the Eve, and not the Day.  This, is to be spent with daughter and fiancée and grandson.. I know.X
In the world of politics there is not overmuch to report except Owner muttering about Jezzer, Tresa May and that Donwald the Trump over the ocean.  None of them are worth a minute more of this good diary folks.  Bring back Ed Balls!!X Him and Yvette make a lovely team.  Why can't we have a joint Labour leader? just saying.X
Now I expect you are all worn out and needing a sherry and NOW folks I am going to let you twist off the top, or pop the cork and have a good swig of your fave Christmas tipple.   Owner will be making mince pies and chucking back the sherry upon her return from that family get together with the ageds.......X
Do enjoy your Eve folks, and try and bear up with what is, or is not, on the good telly.  Bertie Bubb is doing very well on his temporary fish diet due to his inner workings and Ruggles is keeping busy mostly sleeping, eating, inspecting out front and back and the other. ME?  Full of Christmas Cheer and jollity and looking forward to my present which as we know, is a step up from last year's one.X
Stockings out folks, mincepies and wotnot for The Father Christmas and do wish on that big bright star glittering away up there in the heavens! Big Love Wonka X