Monday, 19 December 2016

Wonka's ADVENT!

Herewith and Hereforth folks, this is such a time for thinking about others (you know like me when I consider Bubster and Ruggles oh and Owner too.....X) and being kind and wotnot.  We need plenty of wotnot especially where there isn't any.  Now it is DAY TWENTY!X
Well Blow me to the top of my new stairs if it isn't the beautiful STAR from #joeschristmas - and this folks, is the star to make your Christmas Wishes on.  GO ON!!! It will be taken up by the Returns Dept and you will see a return on it!!X
My wish, is pretty straightforward folks, it is for a peaceful and loving day (and I am really sorry Owner that I lashed out when all you were doing was giving me a nice brush round. bertie Bubb never says a word and even Ruggles takes it nicely.  It is just me.X)
Enjoy! Big Love Wonka X