Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Bumpy ride Wednesdee

Wonka here.  slept through, pleasant family ridden dreams says Owner in other words she did not shout in them (whisper) or run away (at a snail's pace).  The day began on a foggy note.  Mr Beau who had been sitting on the windy sill last night and would not come in , was on it for breakfast and did come in.  to keep him company last night, I laid on the good sideboard looking out the back yard and also the windy sill so he could see me.  Owner reports this was like Gerda and Kay in the Snow Queen as they looked out on each other from window to window.   But I said to Owner, I am a boy and so is Dr Doolittle aka Mr Beau, but Owner goes this is a modern day version.  RIGHTO I said.

Fresh bumpy para.  What is this you are on about you ask good folks out there, and what of dreamy Owner?  Owner is now back on the bumpy track of life.  it started with the second form and kept on going.   all we need now said Owner, and I quote, is for the other bits of paper to go with the form and I can send it off.  I can only pray these bits do turn up.  From who she requested.  Now much later on when Owner did return from her troubleshooting enterprise (get me!) with the little, medium and big people she had other things to report.  Before that we have a good photoshoot which brings you yesterdee's typical day in the kitchen.  We have called it THE WASHER GOES WEST and a typical kitchen.   there is the washer gone bad to the left snugged up to the good cooker, and over to the right is me bravely sitting near to Owner.  We love it.

Fresh and final para.  Owner strode back in the good front door so I knew immediately something was up.  She was not staggering under the weight of cat litter (new and strange lightweight my foot) cat food and a little bit of this and that for herself, no she was full of energy and a glint in her eye.  That dreamy, starry person of yesterdee has been replaced by a super woman I thought to myself.  ARE YOU ALRIGHT Owner I ventured from just behind the door and near to the stairs.  I HAVE BEEN SHOUTED AT she reported.  By a nasty bully boy equal to the likes of bully boy builder on Corrie, only this was real.  After I had said to Owner well whispered was that wise to confront a driver in the street it was only about parking the car with no name and so forth and what if this or that had happened, she did admit one thing.  I HAVE HIS NUMBERPLATE she goes and I told him to take his bullyboy ways off this street!  Needless to say I have doublechecked all the windows and doors and said a few prayers to round it off.  I wouldn't mind if we had an army of Vikings to back us up I said to Owner from under the bed, but I don't think she heard me above being warrior like in the kitchen.  I love it.

Real bumpy ride final para.   It's all about respect goes Owner,  you cannot be trodden down.  I must say there have been many times when Owner has trod on me good folks but you will understand me not bringing it to Owner's attention today.  Now where are those Tom Hanks tablets when you need them!  we survived Enders, just.  Dotty dot is just about to begin mourning her deadly and dead son Nick when goodness me Enders has grown another son who was his bruvverly bruvver.  Owner was too dreamy to be annoyed by this but give it time I say.  It is good Corrie tonight, and Peter barlow who is married yet again and to whiny voice Carla who might be having a little babe but never mind that he has said he loves temptress Tina!  HE IS LYING THROUGH HIS TEEF goes Owner, as she can spot a lie at a hundred metres which is why I never bother.  I am in love with Mr Beau sort of, and I do love Rug but from a distance and we never tell fibs we say how it is.  From under the bed usually.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x