Monday, 24 March 2014

Cancellation Mundee

Wonka here.  Best thing about today folks?  it was sunny from start to end.  And to quote Owner, END OF.  Now we did set off alright and even Mr Frosty (don't ask) aka Mr Beau who had laid, quote, inert for the entire night, came to life and had a teaspoonful of breakfast before flopping back down again on a random spot in Owner's best bedroom.  Do I mind?  Do I say anything?  NOT I.  I have to take a leaf out of beloved and departed to the next room Golly, who was kind and loving and LET ME IN.  ~so I must try to do the same.  Owner says there is a word for this Emulate.  RIGHTO I said back, anything to make her smile good folks out there.  I am trying to love it.

Not cancelled para.  Yes you have guessed it folks, if there was an appointment lurking around being good and waiting to be turned up or waited in for it got CANCELLED.  By phone and by letter.  Owner said (shouted) They will send a pigeon with the next one!  or do it by Text!  or just not tell me!!! (I was well out of the way for this one) OR LET ME TURN UP and then say.  I happen to know this has happened to Owner, at the good Dentist.  yes.  perhaps not so good Dentist.  So between that and Aged parent's appointments we are fair worn out.   To make some small attempt to cheer Owner on I said what about one of you BRILLIANT and not cancelled cartoons?  But instead of cheering her on, she goes YES what if I Cancelled my cartoons and just stopped doing them??? THEN WHAT.  It is alright, I have soothed Owner back down by promising to watch this film that I reckon will not live up to its rating.  What is it you ask?  it is ESCAPE PLAN (I need one!! only joking!!) with our beloved Arnie and not so beloved Sylvester.  it says, quote: non stop THRILLS & EXPLOSIVE ACTION. unquote.   I did say  I thought we were having this without the film but it was from well behind the door in a tiny whisper, so hopefully Owner did not hear me. This is my last attempt to cheer her up good folks.  It is OWNER'S SELFIE and in the background is the crooner to end all crooners (until he got cancelled).  I love it.

Final on time para.  Luckily folks when Owner crept back in a few good things had happened.  List.  1.  her job is fine and the little people were so good it spread to all the others.  2.  She found a parking space without having to be rude to anyone.  3.  I've forgotten what it is but there will be something.  Oh yes.  I am here to offer advice and wisdom from under or over the bed.  Now tonight as well as that film, we could watch Corrie x 2 and hope for some explosive action there and now the mechanic kev is back we could get some.  Thingy is called Tim who is Sally's current fling ooh that rhymed and what else oh the other thingy who is partners with Dev in the gym is keen on Leanne.  Not her Mum.  and waiting in the wings to go off with a bang is Carla who is always on a short fuse and so is Tina.  It is really not sensible to watch Enders especially if Staycee is on for more than 2 seconds.  ~We'll see and I will update you all good folks tomorrow.  Now remember it is not the end of the world to have things cancelled and Owner's stars said to follow her intuition and signs.  And I said that doesn't mean being horrid to anyone Owner!  She did smile so may be back to normal setting.  Hmmm.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it folks.  Big love Wonka x