Friday, 14 March 2014

Famous Fridee

Wonka here.  Owner wakes in the night and goes to me, Wonka I have a sore throat and feel ill.  OH NO I said as nicely as I could having been woken up out of a nice dream about........well something nice.  So we had to go downstairs to make drinks, and take tablets (not the Tom Hanks ones) and  had to have a munch on some of my good as it looks.  it might as well be morning Owner I went but she didn't hear me above the boiling kettle for a cup of healthy tea.  Then we had to resettle and it took me ages to fall back to my dream and Owner insisted on reading with the light on.  I love it.

Fresh and blowy para.  yes when we did get up for the second and proper time there was a COOL BREEZE as Owner called it.  and no Ruggles for breakfast so we are on a slight Ruggles Alert.  Not a full on one as he may trot round for tea.  Mr Beau has been round and made a yodelling noise to go back out but when Owner opens the poor back door letting in an almighty draught (I said Owner for goodness sake close it it is freezing) he just sits there looking out and doing nothing.  I ask you.  For today's photoshoot and in honour of yesterdee's moment on TV, we have some stamps.  STAMPS you say good folks out there, what is stamps to do with anything?  Bermuda is where the ancestors all came from, and Owner has kept all the stamps from some of the letters.  They are Owner's aged parent Mother on her maternal side.  yes. that is me underneath peeping out!  When Owner had to sort and sift through all the letters and photos and such, there were stamps and lots of them.   It used to be quite reasonable went Owner to post a letter.  There is nothing she said, like receiving a letter.  We love it.

Famous last para.  What is this famous thing you say, it is when someone had seen my beloved Owner on the telly and enjoyed it so much.  I thought I looked HIDEOUS goes Owner.  You are fishing for compliments I said from behind the door, and she did hear me and say YES!  The hideous thing I went on, is your second cold of the year.  We have been making pints of honey and lemon and downing lots of vitamin C in between feeding me, me and me again.  Owner has been out, seen to the little people as per, (they love a Fridee) come back in with just a tiny bag of shopping, full of food for me.  The chap who served Owner goes DO YOU HAVE A CAT? and they shared notes on their beloved pets.  I was proud.   Tonight if Owner can keep up we will have Corrie X 2 and Enders.  Temptress Tina is a trainwreck waiting to happen as lying Peter only loves himself and Carla is holding off on testing anything except Owner's patience.   Born again Christian Owen is like a boiler ready to blow and Sofee is in lerve with Maduh.  Now Owner has to say sorry here, even though I said it is an easy mistake to make, to muddle up any family on Enders, as they are famous for inventing new family members as and when.  so it isn't a bruvver to nasty and dead Nick it is a child to him.  Goodness me we lose our place for a moment and whole new branches of the family sprout up!  No wonder dot is confused.  JOIN THE CLUB goes on my second cold of the year Owner.  Now it is Fridee and the weekend is here so do go steady folks out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x