Friday, 7 March 2014

Sorted out Fridee!

Wonka here.  what is this new thing where we do wake up ten minutes before the good alarm?  Owner reports a and I quote, FITFUL night of toss turn turn toss and so on.  at some point she may have got some sleep we are not sure.  Whatever happened, it was raining out there.  Owner goes, OH NO I hope rug is in the luxury shed and WHAT ABOUT MR Beau?  What about him I said as I raced downstairs for the first sitting but Owner did not hear me above rushing to the bathroom.  HE IS ON THE LEDGE I said, in fact I think I shouted it but Owner busy with taps and such and by the time she spies Mr Beau he is a very wet Mr Beau.  So that was the two of us for first sitting.  and yes there is a photoshoot of it.   there he is sodden with rain on the good kitchen windy sill and to the top is a good plant and under that this funny little wooden corner shelf thing full of things and on the right is a mirror with more things and necklaces and beads.  We love it.

Fresh and sunny para.  Owner has gone mad on the credit card and bought far too much on it this week saying things like it is alright, it will all sort out, and the money will arrive do not fear (Edward De Bono again.  or is it just sheer reckless behaviour by Owner?)  So 1.  a loud knock at the door before 8 0' clock was the postman with the Amazon box.  Lucky I had my make up on she goes!  WASN'T IT! I said from the top of the stairs.  I had to go up there because it could have been a load of Vikings at the door and I did say to Owner are you going to peek from the front bay before you let them in but she went ahead and opened it.  More reckless behaviour.  No it is not a present for me it is a heated pad for Rugglesis.  I ask you.  Yes there is a photoshoot of the box because I love it.  You can see there is me at front and behind me is the beauty box, it had crinkly paper in it some of which I can play with to the side of me.  I didn't want a heated pad anyway.

Final and informative para.  Why is Owner in such an upbeat mood?  we don't ask that we just say that is good news and where is my tea time when she stumbles back in from the little people, medium sized and bigger people.  Did they all behave today I said.  TO A FAULT she goes.  meaning?  I went.  it means they were all LITTLE TREASURES.  Oh, I said back.  Now that is sorted out, the dog in the back of the car with no name fell over but as Owner swung round a corner he righted himself and this says Owner was auspicious.  (new word Like it).  So really we have ended this good mars or was it Jupiter week in one shred.  Also, we can report that whoever gave Gangsta Squad those five stars was righter than right.  it was violent, fast paced, sort of stagey (according to owner) and had Ryan Gosling in it.  We were entranced and Owner in love with Ryan.  tonight, once all the first second and third sittings are done with we will cope with corrie x 2 and Enders.  In Enders roxy and foxy are still fighting it out and saying daft things like YOU ARE MY SISTER (?) and Carol's cancer may be deadly.  Hmmm.  In corrie we want to see Owen fight back!  and Tina must wake up to the truth says Owner and stop having these seedy good time affairs.  How do you know I said to Owner but she was busy checking out the back for Rugglesis and didn't hear me.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold folks wherever you are in it.  It is international women's day tmro and I hoping that Owner does something to celebrate it.  Big Love Wonka x