Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Action it Tuesdee!

Wonka here.  blue sky and sunny morn to greet us, and Owner is still on upboys and atem setting! I love it.  down we rushed hardly time to say ANY DREAMS Owner (some trees she said with leaves on and everything.  it is family then I said back).  Good Ruggles fairly sped in and listen to this he is not eating the economy trays of pate anymore.  and neither is Mr Beau and of course I certainly am not.  Is it down to Bertie and Tinkers to polish them off?  HONESTLY goes Owner.  and MORE EXPENSE.  I did mutter but we are worth it like that good advert but she didn't hear me above the good kettle taking off to boil.  I love it.

Fresh and action packed para.  The new Easter Story is uploaded!!  it is there for all to read!!  Just go to www.smashwords.com and use the hashtag #wonka and here as promised is a little bit about one of the stars Sammy dog: can you see there is a good photo of him and then Owner's sketch under that.   He really was a legend in the family, as he was so clever, he went everywhere with Owner and daughter and would wait outside a shop forever until you came back out of it.  And this is the best, he loved us cats and was a nanny dog whenever Owner had new additions.  He would wash them round she told me.  And we all know how important that is.  it seems he was free to a good home as a pup, from a farm no less and stayed to look after Owner for 14 good years.  I DO DREAM OF HIM STILL, she said.  We think he is looking after things with St Francis in that overflowing pet sanctuary, where beloved Golly and Baba are.  hankies away chaps!..  How we love them.

Fresh and action DVD para.  What is this DVD you are talking up you say?  I may have to eat my hat or maybe sniff one of those trays of pate because guess what?  Yes that's it!!  The 'Action movie of the Year' called good riddance or near enough with Big vin Diesel in it, well we love it.  he is big and amazingly strong just like heroes who live alone on wasteland planets out there somewhere should be,  he even has, wait for it, a strange looking hound dog cross wasteland planet creature to help him.  ~What is all the action you will want to know?  Ah, well there is a clash between two lots of bounty hunters not to mention some nasty lurking critters who think the wasteland is theirs.  It is terribly exciting and Owner has just frozen the screen at a particularly good bit while she gets the tea on.  Me? thanks for asking, well I do have some tea out but to be fair I'm just about to ask for some more....Rug is due to call of course and Mr Beau who booked in for a little bed and board last night.  Then he made the mistake of hissing at me and I was only giving him a tiny sniff!!  that's what I told Owner anyway and she believes me!!  She loves me.

Final calming down para.  last night we were enthralled yes we were because born again Christian Owen in Corrie nearly outdid Gazzer by starting a bonfire at the building site until his good partner whose name escapes me, crept up behind him and said OWEN WHAT ARE YOU DOING.  This is always a cue for the person to break down said Owner.  OH I went.  What else, oh yes there was tempting trouble Tina who seems to want some more, even though her good flatmate keeps saying your are best off letting it go etc.  she wants REVENGE.  On Enders, Bianca threw what Owner called a silly wobbly fit which then annoyed Owner along with all the other wobby storylines and I said what about Micky finn in the Queen vic, but even he could not turn the tide.  We think there is a big storyline going to blow up about Lucee and Maxee and when we know more we can say.  Tonight there is more Enders if Owner can cope followed by Holby City where one nursey got struck by a truck and her Fiancee told Jack (his previous amour) to get lost.  We love it.  Now do go steady wherever you are in the Wold good folks.  Big Love Wonka x