Thursday, 10 April 2014

Visiting Thursdee

Wonka here.  Up at the crack of dawn so Owner can GET READY.  What for you say, and don't worry I asked the same thing, I said Owner do we need to be up at half six in the morning when I am all comfy and snuggly? To be fair I said snuggly bunnies but Owner said do you want all the good folks out there to laugh at you Wonka..  And I said I don't mind.  It's not as if you've got a bunny to be snuggly with carried on Owner.  I didn't like to mention all the hundreds of bears and rabbits and strange looking penguins (this use to be a cat toy for Golly who ignored it and so have I)(I might do a photoshoot of it now I've said all of that.)  Anyhow, we did get up early and blow me down was Ruggles snuggled up to the poor back door.  Owner has to shout Rugglessssss at the top of her voice and I pray good folks that none of the neighbours are listening.  She loves it.

Fresh visiting para.  yes I know I still have not revealed why Owner mucking about at the crack of dawn and it is because she was setting out on a visit to family.  Yes.  First up was a niece and her grandchildren who were to quote Owner adorable.  One girl and one boy who did not step away from being adorable for the entire visit.  the little girl said Owner can tell the time and she is very small.  OH I goes, looking as interested as I could under the circumstances.  What do you mean, circumstances?  Thanks for asking, well by the time Owner fell back in with a load of shopping and some food for me, well I was 1.  Starving and 2.  pretty hungry and 3.  ready for something to eat.  Are you starving she goes?  But it was alright as she rushed to feed me and also what a treat, grandson is visiting and I had a big huge tummy tickle.  I have let him share my giant nest stroke settee as I love him.

Photoshoot para:See what I'm saying?  he is a bright little chappie The Penguin, and ~golly never looked twice at him.  He does have a friend though so it is alright. here he is with duckie.  And we don't play with him either.  All my main toys are downstairs on the luxury carpet.  All my mouseys and tinkly balls with things in.  I love them.

Final final para.  now thanks to grandson being here we are all set for a giant film fest.  We have The Hobbit for starters and it can only improve from there!  Man of Steel is waiting in the wings and somehow Owner must fit in Enders and Master chef.  We have noted Bianca is getting on our nerves and now her step sister or foster sister or whoever she is we forget, has caught Carol's cancer and may have to wear a scarf.  This is annoying and we will bear with it, perhaps Masood will make a comeback, perhaps the Queen Vic will take over the square as surely Shazzer's new Ba cannot compete?  Even with villain Philly as back up boy.  And where is the chimney sweep son?  It is all to play for said Owner whatever that means.  Now do go steady and do go square eyed like us good folks out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x