Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Super hero Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Who is this super hero you say to yourselves?  Is it Owner's beloved snooker hero Ronnie?  No it is not him even though we are glued to the telly watching his every cue.  Is it someone else you love, you are all saying?  We all know lots of good people who every day are doing wondrous things to help but no of course this is not a human it is an animal.  It is Sasha....
Sasha is to be awarded the PDSA Dickin medal which is the same as our Victoria Cross as it is awarded for super bravery.  So our photoshoot today is of Sasha an Army dog trained to find explosives in Afghanistan and who saved many soldiers and civilians by uncovering explosive devices and mines until losing her life and her handler's, Lance Corporal Ken Rowe, when she was just four.  She looks beautiful and we are in awe of her loyalty and unconditional love.  Not to forget her handler of course, also such a brave man.  Hankies away now!!

Back to earth para.  so whilst there are good animals such as Sasha filling up the good sanctuary in the sky and here on earth, life goes on and we still need feeding I said to Owner.  Now as you know, Bertie bubbles (don't ask) has moved in.  We spent a restless night with Bertie on the bed and under it which as you all know is my lair not his or hers.  so every time Owner woke up there was a fresh cat on the bed or one growling nearby.  I SHOULD CALL YOU GROWLER mumbled Owner when we finally got up.  There was the usual feeding frenzy as we all wanted our breakfast there and then and Owner was a bit slow this morning although when I mentioned it I was well behind the kitchen door and she may not have heard me.  Finally things settled down  apace and Bertie retreated to his real lair, the cavern under the stairs.  I might grow to love him.

Fresh super para.  Owner got on with the day and only moaned slightly about the job that is not quite making it. The little people are not the problem she goes to me it's when they get bigger.  I was only half listening as I have to keep my eye on the door to the cavern in case Growler stroke Bertie sidles out of it and clears my plate of food.  I like to leave a full plate of food and maybe go back to it 5 or 6 hours later but I may have to change this routine.   Now we spent the afternoon in different places.  Why you want to know?  Owner had an appointment that's why.  It is with a company that says it can get some money back for Owner and goodness knows we need any amount of that.  Was it worth the hour and a half of paperwork whilst our hero Ronnie was on the green baize against Shaun Murphy you say?  Well obviously I was under the bed the entire time, but Owner made the consultant who was so massive I thought it was a giant, sit in the living room on the blanket box while she watched the snooker. You could have signed your life away I said when I finally came back down as the giant left.  I KNOW she says back.  I love it, and Ronnie has just gone 4 frames up so we are all happy in this house.

Final heroic para.   Looking after me isn't easy and of course Owner gets tired the odd time, lugging back boxes of food plus cat litter and making sure my several dishes are full.  I do my bit though, keeping the giant nest stroke settee warm, exercising gently with the balls and mice to keep Owner amused and occasionally cuddling up in the deep of the night when she is fast asleep and wouldn't know.  but now there are more of us, I will have to make a stand to ensure Owner is not stretched and also to ensure I am first in the queue.  Growler has been in his lair all day and shows no sign of wanting to be outside.  Mr Beau on the other hand has nipped in and nipped off out in true hobo style.  Rug is yet to call and will be his usual teddy bear self.  Now tonight if Owner can stay up and not weaken there is a lot on offer and I don't mean Enders which is lingering long on murders and Ian.  he has seen off Cindy which can only be a good thing, and now Saint Jane and little Bobby have pitched off too.  They all have somewhere to go apparently.  If only the same were true for Kat says Owner and her boy who took rather a starring role last night giving her the thumbs down.  Spot on said Owner.  So more of that if we can bear it, and see who else is darting off to stay with an Auntie or such.  Soon said Owner there won't be anyone left except the big family in the Queen Vic and Masood.  We love him.  Then we can cope with a little bit of nursing and fallings out at Holby City before we come to a new series.  It is called Happy Valley and Owner will try and stay awake says.  Now do all of you good folks go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x