Saturday, 12 April 2014

Dreamy Satdee

Wonka here.  Dear folks out there it has been hard to stay awake today and Owner is ready to blame (list) 1.  having the radiator on in the bedroom this is a GIANT mistake, she says.  Can you hear all the words of advice I am saying in my head good folks who are probably living the life of reilly because of all the £s you have saved on heating bills. 2. she is tired out and needs a holiday.  I am agreeing slightly with this one folks but you realise if Owner is not here and good substitutes are here - IT IS NOT THE SAME.  3.  The weather.  What weather you ask and this is a reasonable question.  IT IS DULL AND COLD out there she said.  And all of this has meant Owner is on dreamy setting and listen to this, SO AM I. I love it.

Dreamy para.  and because Owner has gone onto this setting it has also slipped onto I don't like my hair setting setting.  WOE.  I did say to Owner that perhaps instead of mucking around with this packet and that product she could have left well alone, and I said all this from the front room where I am pretty sure she could not hear me.  Grandson has been shipped off back home after one further film and this one was The five Children and IT by Enid Nesbit.  This is a long standing story from 1902 said Owner and she went onto write The Railway Children.  That is the one where Jenny Agutter in the good film version goes Daddy Oh my Daddy when all the steam from the train clears and she sees him in the distance standing there on the platform.  Owner has seen it a million times and still cries.  And so I.  We love it.

Next dreamified para.  Today's photoshoot good folks out there is all about me and so it should be.  it is a good sketch thank you Owner of me and my new biscuits called the GOODY BAG and are in the shape of seaside things.  All cats love a seaside thing. Now I have blown it up so to speak and in keeping with this good blog today it all looks a bit dreamy.  There is a picture of a cat holding the new bag of biscuits and there I am endorsing them (Owner says that is what I am doing and if she says I am, I am).

final dreamy and vague.  So it has been a bit hit and miss today good folks but this is not a bad thing if Owner has gone dreamy it means she is less likely to shout at motorists or people in the car park.  Also to report Owner reached into the cavern under the stairs which I do peek in occasionally to check for monsters and she brought out a pyramid thing.  She said it is a cat basket but try as I might I could not warm to it.  I have gone up to it and sniffed it, and although owner says NO ONE ELSE HAS BEEN IN IT WONKA...I am taking it slowly.  I am as you know very happy with my amazon box.  rug has turned in like clockwork including treating me like a dangerous animal (I know). and Mr Beau has been in, had a cuddle and called the most SPINDLY cat we know.  he is all ribs.  We love him a bit more now.  Tonight we must watch the new series of Britain's got talent with that nice antndec plus four judges who do not have to spin in chairs but can buzz, then nice Dale Winton is back on with inittowinit.  We love Dale.  and rounded off with Casualtee and good nurses and doctors.  There will be a storyline or two and that will keep Owner nicely until bedtime.  Now do go steady all you folks out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big love Wonka x