Monday, 13 June 2016

Apples alert!

Our new Apple tree has not only given up the best blossom I know BUT Owner spied three yes THREE tiny apples growing on it.

IT IS AN APPLE TREE Owner, I says up, so what did you expect.  I expected DE RIEN, ZILCH, NIMIC Wonka, she says back.  Talk about low expectations folks!!

by the same token folks, perhaps the Cherry Tree will cough some cherries up!  Life is a bowl of and so on.............
There we are!! It gave us some beaut blossom and now those eensy weensy apples.  JE T'ADORE!! giant X
In other news Owner says it is a wicked world but surely there are good things in it.  Every cloud Wonka, she droned to me.  Personally if I see a dark cloud all I reckon happening is rain and possible a thunderstorm EVEN lightening folks but Owner insists there will be a silver lining.  Like our fave song to keep on keepin on 'SHOW ME MY SILVER LINING' first aid kit. we love it! X
Now there is more footie and it is IRL (Ireland folks) V SWE (Sweden) and who is the usual score and the one we are accustomed to seeing in tiny miniscule writing at the bottom of the screen folks that is NIL NIL.  May the best side win.  I know.X
Last but not least Owner had a pleasant call with the HMRC.  That is our tax people folks, and she was smiling ALL THROUGH the call.  I put this new calm and collected attitude down to the continued YOGA folk and cannot talk it up enough. She has half a day's work to look forward to and it should stretch to a packet of biscuits for ME, Bertie and Rug and maybe some egg and chips for Owner.  Thankfully Corrie is still on despite the wall to wall EURO which has vanquished (GET IN!x) Enders.  We are not sorry not a jot.  Do enjoy your footie or footie free eve folks and let us all have a terrific Tuesdee!! Big Love Wonka X