Saturday, 4 June 2016

Dedicated to the Champ!

WE ARE SUSPENDING normal business due to the death of a
True Champion of boxing, of civil rights and of his own rather wonderful values - that he valued life and refused to take it - Owner says he was remarkable and unstoppable and he used to just bounce and talk poetry.  He was of course MUHAMMED ALI who said
'I am the Greatest!' and folks, I guess he was. Herewith Owner's humble tribute to the man he was.
There we are! Like a butterfly he has floated on home but his legacy will live on and We Love You!X
Has this dominated the day Wonka? you all say shaking your heads in wonder up............NOT QUITE.  Owner suddenly woke up out of her low mood setting trance and sprang into action dashing off not ONE complaint but TWO.  IS SHE ALRight? you all shout up concerned that she has swung off the scale completely.  I tell you folks, when Owner gets it right she gets it right!  HOW DOES SHE KNOW Wonka? you all hang off the edge of your giant nests to know.  IT MAKES HER FEEL GOOD.  That folks is how you know anything has gone right.  it is like an inner balance levelling up inside me Owner did drone to me later on when she fell back in with a fresh cream apple turnover.  I know.X
Tonight we can cuddle up to Casualtee AND a new series that Owner fell upon on good BBC Four called disappearance with FRENCH subtitles. MAIS OUI. and folks, we cannot get enough of all the tributes that are pouring in for ALI - he can handcuff lightening and drown a drink of water!!! He still has the power folks.  Big Love Wonka X