Monday, 20 June 2016

Strawberrry Moon!

YES folks it is the Summer Solstice and some good people will be camping out at good Stonehenge to witness it all as it happens!!

The longest day folks and there is talk of a special moon that has not happened since..............wait for it...........roll on those drums!!!
the Summer of Lerve!!! at Woodstock folks back in 1967.  all loved each other and gave out flowers AND enjoyed their music.  End of and Moony facts up!!X

There we are!! Owner thought this would be the best little cartoon to mark the 1000th post!!! We have loved it and you for joining us every day.  or whenever you did. X
And also to mark the occasion I bring news of the Car with No Name.  Owner reports a safe journey going to visit daughter and grandson only slightly marred by........other drivers? NO, Owner swearing at other drivers? NO, Owner driving in a reckless careless manner? NO that was everyone else.  The thing is, when Owner is inside the car with no name she gets rained on just like she would if she was outside it.  HOWCOMES Wonka you all smile up at me and say?  it is all thanks to a leaking sunroof which cannot contain water AND hardly ever copes with the sun.  End of and driving facts up.X
There is lots of EEWE news on practically every channel and we are warned about this and that and more about the other until we are dizzy.  Luckily there is a new thingywotsit trending on Twitter and it is #catsagainstbrexit I KNOW!!! X
Please do look in at the weekend when my new WEEKLY WONKA will be running. AND, when there is a special piece of news to report up like Owner has published her next story I shall run a special Breaking Mews!!!! and please don't fear for Bertie bubb or Ruggles as I am looking after them 24/7.  I know.X
Thanks folks for attending our 1000th issue!! Big Love Wonka X
PS and COME ON Ingerland!!! and COME ON Welshy Wales! X