Sunday, 19 June 2016

The three of us...

TODAY FOLKS is the last but one daily as you know it.  I have been proud to report up to you day in day out all about ME and alright Owner too.  And the Bubster and Rugglestop.

You have had weather reports (it is currently raining.x) hair reports (has let it be...x) and zero hours reports (nobody wants Owner to work for them.  She is on denial setting.x) also I have tried to keep up with a thousand different languages. DA! x

There we are!! That is ME on the right, and Rug at the back and for some reason The Bubster aka Bertie is in front.  I ask you. X
The other thing I have tried to keep you posted on is Owner's complaints.  YES they are too numerous to report every single one but I have made a big effort to report on the more juicy ones. The thing is folks, Owner is a peaceful loving person left to her own devices it's just the others.X
Today mostly was wasted while Owner tried to cancel an automatic subscription which isn't easy when you do have 1.  the right email and 2.  The right password.  If you are lucky enough to have these (you guessed it Owner had neither.x) and then get through the maze of menus to find the one that sets you free THEN YOU DESERVE TO HAVE THE SAFEST system in the world PLUS (says Owner who is spluttering a bit now) if it is so hard to end it and cancel it how can anyone else find it out?? eh? EH?? I have suggested a nice bout of yoga and maybe a choc lime.  I know.X
There will be a post tmro folks it being a Mundee and a brand new week ahead - so fluff that fur up and whisker up!! big Love Wonka X