Friday, 10 June 2016

Her Maj!

BLOW ME DOWN there are more celebrations to be had.  Owner checked the news and reports a WEEKEND to cheer HER MAJ on.  AND it is Philly's birthdee.  A mere 95 folks!!

This almost makes up for all that FOOTIE says Owner.  it is all to kick off in gay Paree starting with Frenchy France V Roman Romania.  I know.  Owner says she asked the advice of one of the fellow invigilators as to what could possibly entice her to watch any of it. DON'T WATCH IT! says one of them.  GO OUT! said another. finally, one of the more serious footie fans predicts England will score against good Russia....... I mean.X

There we are! Her Maj with her Dad, King George VI as a little princess.  She could not have known then, droned Owner to me, how long she would reign as Queen.  There is to be a royal picnic in the Mall and thousands will be there.  Her Maj at 90!!We love it.X
In other lesser news, Owner has taken up Yoga.  I am fully supporting it because:  Owner lays on the ground and I can settle nearby too (despite her saying things like GET OFF Wonka! and YOU CAN'T LAY THERE!x), it will calm her down to a decent mood setting of say around 7 - 8.  it means no more DE RIEN shouting at Enders even though Staycee hasn't been in for yonks. and finally, she may even benefit healthwise.  End of and Yoga facts up.X
Ruggles has been out in the shed and Bertie bubb has mostly been in his igloo. Owner told him he looked like a snail with his head sticking out.  Bertie took no notice and neither did I.  Tonight beyond the start of the EURO there are a few programmes to cling to and YES Enders is one of them.  I am praying the scriptwriters step it up beyond babies, blackmail and anything or anyone to do with roxy and foxy.  Do enjoy your eves and may the best team win!! MAIS OUI and DAR DA!! big Love Wonka X