Friday, 3 June 2016

Wonka's No 15!

Has it been a funny week or what folks??  Owner is still in the clutches of wrongdoings and there is NO shifting her from this mood setting. WOE IS ME should be written on her forehead right now folks............... I even sent her down to the sea front for a good whiff of sea air! And thanks to us being on the East Coast, it was a good strong wind down there!!! When she fell back in, smack on my tea time, she reported thus: I NEVER WANT ANOTHER WEEK LIKE THIS ONE Wonka - and folks....neither do I!!X

There we are!! Now here is a little something to cheer us all up! If I say it myself and I do, this is good ghosty story whatever the eve!and, Owner is busy writing a sequel to it and me? thanks for wondering, well I am busy on a spooky tale, which, if Owner has her way will be published next year....and this one is the prequel to the above - 'A Story for New Year's Eve.  We love it!X
herewith and therefore is the good link to the story folks:
There we are then folks and not much else to report tonight.  We are on with corrie x 2 AND Sarah thinks she is being haunted by Callum and in Enders, Jane has ditched Eean and he said to everyone to GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN.  That included a character called Stephen who Owner has said a hundred times now WHO IS THAT. x
In other weensy and annoying news, Yogi has been in and nicked all Rugglesis tea time AND hissed and reared up at Owner.  Then Rugglesis went funny and looked at Owner as if she were a monster (I said nothing, DE RIEN folks.x) and sped off round the back.  YES he has come home as if DE RIEN had happened and is back on his heated pad as if DE RIEN had happened.  Bertie you all wonder up? safe in his kingdom of nothing (.......x) ever happens in it.  Except nice things.X
Have a lovely end to your week folks, and purr in the face of adversity!  Big Love Wonka X