Sunday, 25 May 2014

And again Sundee

Wonka here.  Yes the heating is full on and yes we are headed for financial ruin.  all good folks out there down to the rotten freezing weather.  Me and Bertie?  snug as you like.  I was at the top of the stairs actually tell a lie I was in the gateway to Owner's bedroom, waiting there with a giant bushy tail as I thought Bertie was going to make a run for it.  STOPIT goes Owner.  it turns out Bertie's lair in the Narnia cupboard had a baskety thing on it ( a gift to Owner that she has never to my knowledge used.  I Have said.) so he couldn't lay in it!!  not my fault Owner I said.  POOR BERTIE she goes and it is fine because he is snug as a bug in the Narnia wardrobe.  Me?  just resting up on Owner's bed aka one of my nests.  I love it.

Cold and dank para.  I am not making it up, Owner just trooped out on one of her many journeys to the luxury shed or bin and came back in saying how horrible it is.  I did say do you mind shutting the poor back door quietly next time as that gave me a start but she didn't near me above doing the washing up.  Only a few dishes and plates from me and the others!! nothing to write home about.  I MIGHT GO SWIMMING she said a bit later on.  Which was nice really as it means more peace and quiet for me and Bertie!  Grandson you all enquire?  It is a known fact that they don't get up before lunch time unless starvation sets in.  I love it.

*******************BOOKSLOT OF THE WEEK*******************

And it is a tiny book - The Tiny Book of HUGS!! it tells all about hugging and how it is such a good and caring thing to do.  Well we know that!  I love a good hug from Owner especially over the shoulder! it even has a section on this:
  That is very faint but you can see those two bears touching paws and it is a ZEN HUG!!  the only thing to remember about hugging goes Owner is that it is people being kind and loving.  There is no such thing as a selfish hug.  We love it!

Fresh and huggy para.  I USED TO HAVE A HUGGY BEAR goes Owner, and it turns out this was for daughter who loved it.  Where is HUGGY now I wondered?  I hope he is hugging a little girl or boy somewhere goes Owner, and so do I.  I cannot bring myself as yet to hug Bertie but Owner said that is fine as he is busy hugging blankets. We love him.

Final zen huggy para.  Tonight there is a bit more on than last night which Owner says was a wash out.  Even beloved Dale Winton in inittowinit, said funny night.  this just means all the contestants were ill informed and had no general knowledge and got most of the questions wrong.  A FOOL COULD HAVE ANSWERED that shouted Owner at the telly.  Yes, there is a joke there.  Now we shall watch Britain's got some talent resurrected on tonight after the footy last night.  Then there is the soap awards which should make Owner's heart beat faster especially if Enders gets some.  yes for going over the top says Owner.  Well it is drama I said from well behind the kitchen door.  Now I'm pleased to report that Grandson did awaken, Owner did get off out of it and go swimming and they have watched a nice film with tons of fighting and killing in it.  Called REDS2 with nice Bruce Willis and John Malko thingy.  We loved it.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it and I'm very sorry for you if it is work tomorrow because we are having a bank holidee Mundee. Big Love Wonka