Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Get through it Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Owner has fallen out with Bertie as he growled non stop at me last night.  Me?  not bothered not at all. No it was Owner who went funny and saying things like Wonka is top cat here you know Bertie!!  and Bertie?  also not bothered, just went and nestled down at the top of the bed still growling.  I played pounce on Owner's foot nicely this morning just to make sure she didn't doze back off.  DID I SET THE ALARM she goes but really thanks to me there was no need!  I got us up well before it went off!!  Just the four of us for breakfast and I must say we all lined up like the good felines we are.  Me first then Bertie then Ruggles then Mr Beau.  tinkers?  out there somewhere.  We love it.

Fresh and look at me para: there I am helping out as per with the washing!  I love it.....

Fresh and update on Owner's search for clothes para:  the search for something nice has now extended to looking at what she already has.  yes.  I did say from under the bed folks hows about you just wear some of the beauty clothes hanging in the wardrobe Owner?  For a moment I thought she might have disappeared off to Narnia folks as no reply at all came back!  Then she did say I WONDER IF I SHOULD STOP SEARCHNG FOR NEW STUFF and just wear what's here?  I rest my paws etc.  I love it.

Just about with it para.  Now what is that get through it you all say?  Owner tottered off out after doing what I can only call a bit of light housework in between the feeding frenzy, the litter tray needed refreshing, the luxury shed needed replenishing (get me!) and so on and before you know it time to trot off to the job that isn't quite doing it!  of course I did my bit as you can see from the good photo, helping collect the washing and staying off the bed whilst it was being made.  Oh and checking on growler every two minutes.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and then she totters back in with not three but four geraniums.  I said have you gone mad on those plants Owner and she says YES AND THESE...which was a jasmine and something beginning with D.  Owner thought they were pinks but even with my limited plant know how I could have said NO NOT PINKS.  Possibly Sweet William she goes but who cares they are nice smelly plants some out front for me to look out on and same out back.  She had done the double whammy visiting and just about got through it.  How did you manage with all the fresh problems I goes from well behind the kitchen door.  I laughed instead of crying she goes and also I did not rate most of it as a problem.  What was it then I goes, ever hopeful for some teatime?  Irritating people with nothing else to do she said back.  And then she looks out back and there is Ruggles and Tinkers waiting!  So it was all hands on deck for Owner and a little like groundhog day except Mr Beau beau wasn't there.  yet.  We love it.

Final got through it somehow para.  Last night we got through the usual soap sandwich and  must say Mariah or Maria or the wind or someone, got into a right tangle over Tyrone who is not that much of a catch says Owner.  he is now safely back with Fizz and Owner rather rudely I thought called them a boring couple.  Whereas Carling black eyebrows and newly turned detective bruv Rob are building up to a storm of a storyline.  Teenah's secret passion for not giving a fig returned alcoholic Pete is teetering on the edge of fantasy.  Enders is safely there all the time, and now Max's secret is out the heat is off that mad chappie who Lauren dallied with.  or is it?  Could Dot have found time in between being hoodwinked by her pretend family to polish off Lucee?  And where is the chimney sweep son of Shazzer.  There is an hour long episode tonight and I have warned Owner accordingly (like it).  Instead of Holby city and the wretched lives of the young doctors who have to get drunk to bear with it, there is that hellish hour with Enders followed by Happy Valley where all is murderous and dark.  That should see us all for a good night's sleep good folks!!  Now I have to dash and check that Bertie is behaving.  He asked to be released briefly and before we knew it there he was peering in at the window like heathcliffe.  Mr Beau has now been and gone and just Ruggles to pop for more tea.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x