Friday, 9 May 2014

Fit Fridee

Wonka here.  RAIN IN THE NIGHT Wonka, goes Owner on coming to this good morn.  also noteworthy, I managed to jump up on the bed to tackle Owner's feet with only a miniscule (like it) growl from Bertie Growler.  he was stationed at the top of the bed and I was only a few Owner's feet away!  Just my little joke!  So we all toppled downstairs nicely and started our good day.  yes Owner did dream and it was the Dentist.  OH NO you all say with visions of nasty torturing things.  But it was fine reports Owner, she was in a massive waiting room but guess what?  No that is not it, her name was called out first.  Was it your name I said and Owner goes and I quote,  often in a dream you suddenly turn out to be someone else and although you think that is not my name you carry on as normal.  A bit like you are acting she said thoughtfully.  It was Owner's real waking life name though.  Did you like the Dentist I ventured (!).  he was smashing she says.  We love it.

Fit and ready para.  What is this fit thing you all go out there in your various places.  Owner said she feels sluggish and still missing the snooker and must remedy this.  HOW I said.  I will go swimming after I have been with the little people she goes back.  Talking of the little people this is our best photoshoot for today a weensy cartoon on them.  It is flown up top and I put it on SMALL setting by the way. There is Owner to the left with a good surround of little people at lunch time and there is me to the right in dreamy land having a wonderful dream of me over Owner's shoulder in a cuddle crush.  I love it.

New energetic para.  Owner turned back up full of the joys of exercise good folks out there.  Was it warm in the baths I said.  IT WAS FREEZING she said plus full of really old and slow swimmers crawling and I don't mean doing the crawl stroke she said, I mean going so slowly it got on my nerves.  Were you rude I ventured?  POSSIBLY she replied.  I mean Owner is not exactly a  spring chick folks but I cannot accuse her of being old and slow can I?  maybe just old then!!  Only joking Owner!  There is good news on the work front though and this alone has put a SPRING in her step.  The good agency has rung her up and insisted she does a bit of extra at another school.  FAB I heard her say on the phone.  Yes, even though it means getting up early and leaving me to it (I am chieftan in charge of all once Owner removes herself from the dwelling.  This means I can tell Bertie what to do.  If I see him.) and even though it is back in the good school that has not entertained her (good use of word Owner says) since well ages.  She is already planning her schedule for the week ahead.  She loves it.

final fit para.  We have heard talk good folks of the EUROVISION ~song contest and goodness me are you like me and Owner and fed up hearing all the tunes specially your own??  our entry is by Molly or some such and Owner says has had it ON THE BRAIN.  We all know that with some tunes this is alright.....Our fave is the fairytale one and if we could but recall the country that won may have been Norway but don't be offended winning country if it wasn't.  IT SEEMS RUDE not to watch it said Owner and I did say you don't usually have a problem with that but she didn't hear me above popping out to replenish the luxury shed.  Rug is due and last night he nestled on the linen basket for a while and had a wash round too.  We love him.  Tonight we are in a soap sandwich with Corrie X 2 and then Enders in the middle.  We even have a masterchef to fit in.  Now Enders has gone silly billy with Dot entertaining (that word again) the funeral people plus that suspect grandson.  He is a misfit waiting to be unravelled but knowing Enders this could hang about for a year or so.  Lucee although dead looms large and thingy, Max's daughter thingy the recovering alcoholic one had a seedy and creep ridden meeting in a new caff we have never seen before.  This was to meet up with a possible suspect.  HOW STUPID goes Owner before I dragged her away to top my dish up.  Corrie has us on a knife edge alright perhaps not quite so bad, but once more Owner is cheered up that Tim is still at Sally's table.  I haven't mentioned Madeh. and I'm not going to.  Now the weekend is here so do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x