Monday, 19 May 2014

Quality control Mundee

Wonka here.  another warm day folks and as I gently brought Owner round to reality I checked up on:  the heating.  the problem of how to have hot water without us all roasting to death reared up and tapped Owner on the lip..  STOP IT Wonka she goes.  Now I am all for reading the small print and being thorough.  if there is a good manual telling you how to do things then hay why not read it?? What's to do?  Owner's way is to press this button, turn that knob go OH I WONDER WHAT THIS DOES whilst I am saying things like, Don't press that Owner you may blow us up, and how about looking at the instructions...............  needless to whisper to you all clever engineers out there it is a simple matter of following the good guidelines every time.  Does Owner do this? NO NO and NO again.  I love it.

Lots more quality control Para.  You can all stand easy as I found the booklet which admittedly (like it) at first glance looks more like Egyptian hiero thingys that plain English.  But luckily they cater (should I say CATer!!) for people like Owner who simply don't have time to read.  They have PICTURES of it!!  So instead of tinkering with this and that and getting nowhere good folks out there with degrees in boilers and what have you, she has finally read the instructions.  I THINK I KNOW WHAT TO DO she goes to me later on.   I mean I am trying to get some shut eye as being in charge of checking is very tiring zzzzzzzzzzzzzz OH do excuse me I dropped off for a second.  yes she pressed the right button and guess what?  No that is not it, we now have hot water without any sign of a burning hot radiator.  I used to know this chap says Owner who had the annoying habit of calling radiators RADS.  Of course it didn't last good folks now finally she goes off out of it armed with a letter of complaint!  I did warn you she came back to life yesterdee full of it. 
Now for our good photoshoot there is a cartoon of the Boiler:   hurrah!! why are you saying hurrah you all go?  Because the first time I tried to copy it on here it came out with a load of gobbledegook.  Oh yes you all say back.  so to the left is Owner pressing the wrong buttons and I am to the side advising her to read it up in the manual to the right of me.  Oh and there is our ancient Yucca plant that Owner rescued from an old boyfriend a million years ago.  He may have said RAD we are not sure.  We love it.

Final quality control para. When Owner hopped back home with just a small bag of purchases (well done Owner!) me and Bertie had managed a few naps in between checking (me).  Mr Beau was spread-eagled behind my giant nest aka the settee and do we need to check on him? YES WE DO.  especially if he has gurgly tummy.  As he trip trapped out the poor back door guess who was trying to come in?? No that is not it, it was only Tinkers!!  courage is everything I always say.  Anyhow he or she soon whipped back out into the yard when it saw Owner.  let's face it Owner you can be a little startling sometimes!  Only joking!! (haven't had my tea yet).  Now tonight you say, well there is Corrie x 2 and then Enders X 1 which is more than enough moaned Owner.  Why good Fizz is shutting the door on model partner Tyrone only gone really funny Mariah can answer that one, and will Carling Black eyebrows ever cotton on to pretend friend Teenah? perhaps she too is struck by the eyebrow thing going on between them.... and as for born again Christian Owen and Anna, who can save their floundering lerve.  We love it.  Enders is full of it, and any day now we can expect to see Dot hoodwinked by another member of the family she never knew about for the last 30 years, whilst over at the Vic, that family is bursting at the coal seams.  Shirlee was all on her own a couple of munfs ago and now look.  No don't.  so apart from a little moan here and there Owner is on even setting and still fussing round the plants.  Ruggles called for breakfast and stood next to mr Beau for his chomp before caving in, growling and rushing back out to freedom.  We love him.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it and do read the manual first!!  Big Love Wonka x