Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Hamster Wheel Wednesdee

Wonka here.  What is this about you ask straight off.  No offence to any hamsters out there good folks I'm sure they are living their lives to the hilt but from the outside it does look limited.  And when they do spring up and do something it is only to go round and round on a wheel thing pausing only to look through the bars of their cage.  Are you comparing today to the Hamster I said to Owner, being careful to station myself at the foot of the stairs.  IT'S SIMILAR she goes, and I have to say I do understand.  Even as I speak she is going round and round this good home doing things, pausing only to look out of the kitchen window.  No it does not have bars up at it, so that is a plus for a start off.  Sometimes I think Owner forgets just how good her life is.  No I did not say this to her directly as she was too busy sorting us all out.  I love it.

Freshish para.  You will want to know the status of the luxury carpet and whether SURF is still the new VANISH.  It may have been overtaken by  this nice smelling stuff called MIDNIGHT GARDEN.  It can disguise most things without knocking you unconscious.  Owner favours this above all the other stuff.  FALSE PROMISES she says.  Me? thanks for asking.  As you are well aware I am Owner's chief adviser and very rarely step out of line.  yes, I do like to scratch and not just Owner in the morning either!  Only joking Owner!  but fair's fair, the luxury carpet needs to shed it's top pile surely, and as for the antique pine chest of drawers that Owner has had since being  - well born I reckon, that chest is begging to be scratched  Any case Gollycat did it well before me.  now for today's photoshoot there is a good cartoon of one of my jobs.  it is me checking on Bertie:  I have flown it up top but I am there at the bottom left crouching down looking at Bertie who is slowly emerging from his lair aka the cupboard under the stairs.  there is blue bit behind him and I did say to Owner why is it blue.  She goes just to show the darkness Wonka. (?).  on the door to the cupboard is one of Owner's bags which is Bagpuss dangling off it.  to the right there is my catgrass folks. and that yellow thing is my sunlamp.

Last final and nicely smelling para.  Owner has been out and attended yet another meeting this time with aged sibling.  it went well though as Owner still smiling despite being on Hamster Wheel setting.  did you remember the new scoop I said pleasantly as she trudged in with several bags full of my good as it looks.  I also remarked on how heavy the whiskas tins were but she didn't hear me above putting the kettle on for a calming and hamster chilling cup of tea.  the little people were rather demanding today she goes, but that's what they are good at.  Are you still missing Sheffield I said from behind the kitchen door.  IN MY HEAD I AM STILL THERE she said back.  Owner has been on a giant trip down memory lane and I wonder when she will land back in this week.  I keep thinking about this lad I once knew she goes and I had to work hard good folks out there to remind her we all want our teatime!  not dreams of yesteryear! Today it has been me and Bertie and Rug no doubt will pop for a chomp soon.  Mr Beau is keeping a low profile somewhere else and that's all we have to say about that.  last night we soldiered through Enders and some forced jollity in the queen vic with that strange girl come woman having a party, Carole's scarf put in a brief and we have to say pleasant appearance with Dave her ex boyfriend turned fiancée and no one has stepped up to be the murderer unless we missed it with Owner being in dreamy land.  Happy valley was as dark as you like and then Owner followed it up with her dark book before bedtime.  ~For light relief tonight we have corrie and Anna is going to burst if she does not tell someone what she did for over the top Owen and her ginger top son, Rita must not take thingy back as we do not like him, and we thought no hoped madeh had finally done what she keeps threatening to do and run away.  Then we are on the horns of a dilemma goes Owner.  HOW SO I ventured.  it is either a Supervet called Noel who is on good channel 4 at 8pm or she goes, Masterchef.  Hmmm.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  big Love Wonka x