Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Almost there....

Can you see Easter from here?  Orwner says that is all she is hearing about at Skool.  HAVE YOU LEARNT Anything new Owner?

Le Lapin.  she tells me up, means Rabbit in frenchy France.  AND? I says in that newish still very annoying way...... the young students are learning a host of new words in French that tie in with Easter. L'oef or something like it, was there too.  SO WAS RIBBON or RUBAN....and that is to do with it I says?  Good ness knows she says up.  The main reason Owner is looking forward is for some time off. YES we will be poverty stricken but laying around relaxing should take the edge off that.  End of and Easter Fact up.X
There we are!! That is me relaxing on the sideboard!!! and I keep telling Owner, I say, it aint over until the fat cat sings!!!! X
Has Owner cheered up yet or is she still ill and miserable.  I am putting Owner on setting five which means she is half way there.  Her good cousin rang up and they spent ten minutes babbling at each other and then repeating it all over again.  I love it. X
Tonight we can stay up for the Grande Finale of Happi Valley where the murdering just will not stop even though they caught the murderer! and the wicked teacher has been found out oooohhhh, we cannot wait.  In Enders, all the people who were strangled or hit over the head OR fell to their death down stairs are alive.  BUT there is trouble at the Vic.  I am encouraging Owner to watch it as it will nicely take her mind off a nasty brown envelope that is laying on the good table..... I WON'T OPEN THAT YET Wonka she tells me.  Very wise Owner, and I could always sit on it to prolong things.  it is only a silly old contract spelling out how much aged parent must shell out to stay in her nursing home - NO news as yet about any other contracts.........x
And the other thing that is in sight is the weekend folks, we are nearly half way through the good week so hold fast, maybe a tiny claw dab, and bristle those whiskers!!! Big Love Wonka X