Saturday, 5 March 2016

Sunny Shine On!

Good Morning good folks out there all celebrating that it is Satdee and we are all fairly alright.  YES, Owner survived her afternoon at the Skool.  NO she did not need the sweets, the DVDs or anything as a nice real Teacher helped.  PLUS the students were all bordering on 30 to 35 in light years or whatever they are measuring students in now.  End of and good fact up. X

Today, Owner got up and went out early doors.  This is unprecedented (phew...X) as usually we ease into Satdees nice and steady and then Owner will suddenly say IS THAT THE TIME I MUST CRACK ON!  Today, she has whizzed to the good vets for more of Bertie's tres £s pouches. TICK, whizzed to the shop like a maze that used to have an assistant in that Owner hated but they have left now GIANT TICK and then to the smaller shop where she likes everyone in it. (I know.X) Then she threw herself back in and I had to stop my meditation (in the box) and be cuddled for ages.  I love it. X
There we are!!  I look lovable and all furry and purry!! X
In other les exciting news Owner is to go and visit aged parent and do Mother's Day a day early. WHY, or Pourqoui or howcome you all wonder up??  To avoid clashing with aged sibling and his Mother's Day she droned to me.  This means aged parent gets TWO celebrations.  Owner intends to set up a little tea party, and I only hope the good Home that aged parent is presently assigned to (they have not flung her out yet.....x) will join in the fun.  ALL I NEED, droned Owner to me, IS SOME COFFEE to pour into the best china cups.  There is a coffee and walnut cake and who knows folks, it could turn out well.......X
Last night we clung to Corrie and there are some nasty bullies setting against Bethany who used to be the annoying daughter of Sarah, but is now to be understood and sympathised with.  NOW, Owner is fully on her side and was seen to be shouting at the telly things like CAN'T SHE TELL TODD (her Gay Dad.  she nearly told him and then Todd's simple simon bruv came in, Jason who thinks Feelan is a good man.........x) OR, Tell your Teacher!!!!  I know it really cheered me up to see Owner so deep in the story.  Tonight we will be shouting at my little Paloma OR clever clogs Willyam from that nice singing contest then there is beloved Casualtee and Connie.x
Do have the kind of sunny shine Satdee you deserve after slaving away all this good week. Rugglestop is nesting on his new bedding (a duvet folks.  I know. X) and Bertie bubb thinks it is feeding time once more EVEN though he has just had breakfast. don't you just love his lots....(hiss grrr hiss....that is Bertie not me!!)..
Whisker up and big Love Wonka X