Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Back To It

BACK to what Wonka?  for starters Owner is nearly I said nearly over what she keeps referring to as (quote.  I know.x):

THE WORST COLD I HAVE HAD FOR YEARS............ small cough and possible volley of acceptable sneezing.x

Personally I can't say it affected ME or Bertie or Rugglesis overmuch.  She still staggered in laden with cat concrete I mean litter and plenty of food.  She even dashed to the vets and got more really expensive pouches and biscuits for The Bubster. And Ruggles was still tended to like a long lost prodigal son.  I do know that story and I do feel for the other bruv in it.  I would resent it and infact Owner has taken me to task about 'the others.' THEY DESERVE to be here Owner droned to me after one of my spats with Bertie (all I did was pop my head in the Narnia and you would have thought the Vikings had landed.x).  This theme of bruverly and sisterly love is often put about in this house folks, so you know what I have to put up with.End of and Fact up for today.x
There we are! That is my special toy and I am not sharing it.  Never. NUNCA, JAMAIS and NIE. X
In other less important news I am proud to tell you that DERMOT as in O'Leary, is to return to the Hex Factor as host.  although me and Owner quite liked Olly Muts I mean Murs, Owner took against Caroline wotsit in much the same way she has gone against Sarah thingy who is standing in for Christophe evans on good Radio 2. She is too jolly and laughs overmuch says Owner.  Personally I quite like this attitude and did ask Owner if being confronted with a happi go lucky personality highlights the lack of it in herself? (got it out of my Jung book folks...x) but she didn't hear me above listening to Radio 4 this good morn.x
Tonight we may watch 2 mins of Enders to see if little Benny boy is really going to squash that cushion over Fil's snoring fizog.  Owner thinks Shazzer will burst in and save one of them....but who? Now if it was Staycee...........NO! there is a new prog on and Owner says we must give it a look in AND give Holbee a miss. According to Owner it is boring and too many of them are getting on her nerve. The new prog is Bake off crème de la crème and we are on it folks.  As you know Masterchef is back and Owner is deeply in love with John and Gregg.  End of.X
Do have a decent Back To It day yourselves folks and now Easter is behind us, smooth down that furry fur, and bristle up those whiskers!  Big Love Wonka X