Saturday, 19 March 2016


There is something folks called five nations (and if it isn't five nations I AM SORRY.x) and it seems to me and to Owner that WHEN YOU NEED TO SIT BACK AND RELAX saying things like OH good, The Voice is on - even if I am not WillyAm's biggest fannette OR it's that old boy George WHO is very competitive and we all know it.......INSTEAD there is wall to wall rugby.  From Frency France.  Owner has already been busy raking through the tv listings to find anything worth a look at.

DID YOU FIND anything Owner I gently droned to her when she went into a state of shock over the take over by a game played with such an odd ball, of our entire satdee night. UN PEU she says, holding back from a full on rant.  I mean. X

There we are!! an old cartoon of Owner going a bit fractious!!! It turns out the good children in the bottom most layer of the nice skool are trying to learn all about fractions.  DID THEY GET IT Owner? I quizzed up when she fell back in the other day.Between bits of Pizza and five bits of this square she feels they swung from knowing it, to not knowing it in one easy lesson. Did it help them, I says up, to have paper with loads of tiny squares in it.  NO, she tells me back.  Lessons eh! and then Owner goes and gets it wrong in Science....OH DEAR she says up to the nice teacher. I mean I knew Owner wasn't perfect but the good Skool didn't......X
In other less exciting news Owner is to go out on her rounds and NOT OVERDO it.  she is still coughing for Ingerland and although looking more attractive and LESS old and stupid it could soon go backwards.  Just saying folks. Now Ruggles is snoring away on his pilly in the kitchen and the Bubster likewise on his pilly in the Narnia. I did wake Owner up very nicely this morning and allowed her a good 20 mins lay in.  What am I like!!!x
Do enjoy your Satdee folks and if you like Rugby you are in for a massive treat.  IF you are like me and Owner and cannot understand it, you must plan now for your wasteland of an evening.  Big Fat love Wonka X