Friday, 8 August 2014

All change Fridee

Wonka here.  IT IS HERE!! the big new shiny bed settee arrived at approx. 5 05 pm just as Owner was thinking I wonder when it will arrive.  And in 2 mins was it plonked in the living room.  IT'S SO BIG gasps up Owner. me?  thanks for asking, well at first I did think those pesky Martians had landed and were going to set up in the front room.  Owner's Grandma and Grandad had a front room and only went in there on special occasions.  Like I asked up?  Like Christmas and Boxing Day goes Owner.  And in there she carries on, was a horsehair sofabed.  it was rock hard and went into a single bed she goes.  What else was in there I pestered up.  There was a wooden bookcase that may have been joined up by Owner's Dad (we must never forget he was a joiner's apprentice as a lad.  he endured 5 years of it and then left to join the RAF.  We love him) and in this bookcase were lots of  Owner's Grandma's fave love stories like the ones Barbara Cartland wrote, where Doctors and Nurseys all fall into strange love trysts over the bed of wounded patients.  Those were the days says Owner going off into a dream.  I soon woke her up though as I made friends with the new Settee!!!  I love it.

Fresh and changeable para:  so today has a good cartoon of the new arrival.  it smells new and will probably take a day or two before it takes on our scent.
There it is!!  Yes that is me, I scrambled all the way round the bottom using my claws to drag me round!  That is Owner shouting STOP IT!  Of course I stopped.  Today I settled up on one of the nice big cushions up top and even Bertie has been in to sniff it round.   The verdict is:  We love it!
New and changeable para.  today was going nicely, perhaps too nicely.  Suitcase packed TICK, other bag checked for being too heavy TICK.  Owner watched a film she has seen before and liked it better this time round GIANT TICK.  so what you all wonder could go wrong?  A letter that's what. from the authorities asking Owner about breaks and changes.  This prompted a phone call which did not dear folk out there on the edge of your seats go well.  I WAS ASKED FOR INFORMATION that I have already supplied in triplicate goes Owner, who went on to stress and anxiety level 10.  I could hear the Klaxon sounding from the safety of the Amazon box and let me tell you it is still not sounding the all clear!  When Owner calms back down (slightly) I will tell her 1.(list) tonight is good on the telly (double Corrie and no sport in sight) 2.  she is off on a fab four reunion in deepest Cornwall tomorrow and all can take a long walk off a short pier and 3.  I promise faithfully just to sit on the new giant nest and not use it as the scratching post of my dreams.  she loves it.
Final change change change para.  last night Owner goes, this episode of Enders seems to have been on forever Wonka.  I daren't tell her it was on for an hour folks!  There was mad Jean in it plus Stacycee in handcuffs, Mick was up at Court for speaking to strangers in cars when really it was Ian doing it and goodness me did Kat go funny in hospital.  yes more hospitals when Owner is hospitaled out.  But when Owner rang to see how aged parent was this morning it turns out she is eating for Ingerland.  Got a lot in common with Bertie then I says!  Now Rug has been for his teatime and he is getting rather choosy notes Owner turning his nose up at best Whiskas.  perhaps I ventured he has another feeding venue.  PERHAPS goes Owner.  Now there will be a little blog tomorrow and then a little blog holidee.  As it is the weekend, you must all tighten your seatbelts and as I usually say, do go steady good folks wherever you are in the Wold.  Big Love Wonka x