Thursday, 21 August 2014

Handyman Thursdee

Wonka here.  we slept like a dream all us slumbering away with no incidents.  No scrapping inside and no scrapping out back.  Even the tweenies (baby gulls.  don't ask) and the big boy and girl gulls kept the noise down.  UP WE GET goes Owner all fresh and ready to face a new day.  And, THE HANDYMAN IS COMING.  Oh I goes, belting downstairs before Bertie has even noticed it is time to get up.  If I get down first, I can inspect the luxury trays, eat some biscuits if Bertie has left me any and get in the queue.  I love it.

First Handy para.  At exactly 8 30 am, does a knock come on the good front door and I rush to inspect the knocker.  No it is not the Vikings, or the aliens from mars so that is alright then and I am just about to warn Owner of this when she flings opens the front door anyway.  What if, I advised from the safety of the living room, that had been the dread invaders Owner!  but she didn't hear me above taking the Handyman (Hallo handyman she goes) down the side way to our good back yard.  Don't blame me I shouted through the window that looks out back, if he turns out to be a werewolf or such like!  Again she couldn't hear me above pricing up the job.  WHAT JOB you all shout up?  the job of making our luxury shed even more luxury.  it will be accessible via a delux catflap. Daughter is buying this and Owner reports it will be a (quote) bogstandard catflap so Ruggles can squash in and out with any of that silly magnetic collar claptrap.  I said claptrap sounds like catflap if you say it quickly.  What are you on about Wonka she goes back.  Also, it will be insulated.  WHAT IS THAT I wondered up.  it is, says Owner, bits of board with stuff in between.  Blimey, those builders know what to do eh!  I only hope dear folks out there that Ruggles appreciates all of this.  I love him.  sort of.

Fresh handyman is the new superman para.  The minute the job is done there will be a good cartoon to show it all off.  but in the meantime, we must show you Owner's new dangly donkey.  it lives on her bag and comes from Percy's Tamar donkey Sanctuary in Cornwall:

Here he is!!  yes it is a good and blurry photee shot!  In the front and hogging all the attention is a little dog thing that Owner won on the amusements down south Bay.  It was one of those shove tuppences things she says, where you feed in the tuppence and it is supposed to shove the money and prizes down the chute..  I think it cost me about 4 or 5 pounds. (but she loves him!) and in the background laying on his side is dangly donkey purchased by her good friends. That silvery thing is a multi-coloured heart which you cannot see from this side, and Owner's daughter got that.  Just how many dangly things are swinging from her best pink bag you all shout up?  Only four, counting the wonkaandmousey keyring that no one has tried to buy off our gift shop.  I DON'T KNOW WHY I BOTHERED she grumbled up.  Well I like it, and some of our friends have got one I ventured up.  I spose so, she goes.  She loves it.
Final jobs a goodun para.  While we are waiting for the good catflap to arrive with high hopes that Rug will squash his big teddy bear head through it there is an update on Peggy Soo the new cat on the block at Daughters.  she spent the night crushed up in a duvet in grandson's bedroom and has more or less camped out there.  There will be a good cartoon to follow of course.  Now last night we just about made it through  Corrie X 1, and Peetah is on the brink of shivering himself into a shadow without the good supplies from Jiminey Cricket in the clink, selling alcohol to the other inmates.  Good Ken is fighting the urge to tell all.  Maddeh has told Carling Black eyebrows to stuff the job that was not offered to her, doing some packing in the warehouse.  I wish I had a packing job goes Owner but I assured her she doesn't.  We love it, and then we managed the baking off of lots and lots of bread.  Rye Bread, stuffed bread, breakfast in a bun bread and even strawberry bread.  Norm is still in it and Luis is the star.  Tonight there is nothing on though.  alright there is the new Vets are us programme on Beeb 2.  if I can cope with the gory operations I will watch it says Owner.  Me?  thanks for asking, behind the new settee with my paws over my eyes.  Bertie bubbles cannot see the tv from the Narnia cupboard but I have told him about the Vets are us incase he wants to watch it.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big love Wonka x