Saturday, 30 August 2014

Sunny Satdee

 Wonka here.  hardly have we adjusted our entire summery lives to the advent of Autumn and being freezing does it go warm.  It means (list) 1.  being too hot in the night 2.  being too hot in the morning now that the heating is spot on and Owner forgot to adjust the thermostat. SORRY WONKA she goes flinging open windows all around.  Owner first got up at approx. 5 30 am and Bertie thought it was getting up time aka feeding time and was poised by the empty biscuit saucer.  HE IS COPYING YOU Wonka, mumbled Owner on the way back to bed.  Me? You all know how much I keep Bertie bubbles in check!  Just because I happened to rub up against the millions of good as you like it cat food, I mean.  So we all trooped back to bed and got up late.  We love it.

Gorgeous sun filled para.  Owner has now arranged for the fitting of the cat flap in the luxury shed.  it is to be done on Thursdee.  I only hope and pray Ruggles knows what to do with it.  TINKERBELLE will show him the way goes Owner.  Tinkers is a little chimp as we all know. darting into the back yard foraging for food when she has a perfectly good home.  We think.  But she does sometimes have Ruggles in tow.  it is nice, says Owner, that Ruggles has a friend.  I will oversee the shed fitting from the safety of the sideboard look out, but I tell you good folks, Owner will be on full anxiety setting come Thursdee.  I love it.

Sunny all day long para.  Today Owner has moved all aged parent's things into a new room and a new home.  I LIKE IT, she goes when she flung back in.  Will aged parent like it though I wondered up?  WE'LL SEE says Owner.  Aged parent quite rightly is very discriminating about things and this, says Owner, is OK to be when you are that old.  At the last visit to the good hospital where said parent is laid up, Owner likes to keep her informed and goes I HAVE ENTERED A COMPETITION Mum.  YOU WON'T WIN, was the instant reply.  Now if Stephen Fry and the good Penguin judges are all reading this, don't let it put you all off!!!  I think it is a good effort, Owner's poster and we are putting another version of it on here. Owner says it was the first draft she did.
There it is!  Owner then did a second one which is the (winning) entry on Talenthouse. I ask you, what is wrong with this Poster!?  It is to promote Mr Fry's new book, 'More Fool Me' which Owner may purchase.  I am alright with this and I'm calling an essential buy.  I love it.
Sunny and happy para.  Due to the new room being a thousand times better than Owner had thought she has been on the same setting as the weather.  I am sure, she continued on, that Mum will love it.  And, there is even a string of coloured lights in the garden which can be seen from the little balcony window.  I have suggested to Owner once all is in place, a little photoshoot would not go amiss.  I especially want to see the little birdhouse in the tree that Owner has mentioned.  I will love it!
Final sun setting para.  last night, we were treated to a double Corrie with Peetah stealing Jim's secret stash of alcohol and passing out.  he is now in intensive care with Ken anxious by the bedside.  I know, more hospitals we cannot escape them.  All else is concentrating on Jason being ensnared by more lies and fizz, Tyrones good partner who can see a lie forming at a 100 paces is on the case.  We tried to keep going with Enders and all we know is that Ian has been dumped by Denise and Mick from the Vic will love thingy forever even though she is fed up with him.  We tried to like the slice of cake thing about the great bad bake off and failed.  IS IT DOWN TO THE PRESENTER I goes to Owner?  IT MIGHT BE she says.  Who is it then I went back.  I forget her name says Owner.  More importantly, the line up for Strictly is OUT.  We love Gregg from masterchef is on it, Max grab an affair from Enders is on it.  But best of all is Zoe from Cazualtee.  our best fave.  I have high hopes we will get their names right too.  OH KLAXON SOUNDING!  The Hex Factor returns tonight and Owner will be glued to it. Me and Bertie will have to fend for ourselves and I do have trouble opening the pouches and trays.  Rug will have to call before 8pm that's all I can say. YOU WILL ALL HAVE TO FEND FOR YOURSELVES goes Owner!  I have just said all that I ventured back but she didn't hear me above turning the washer on.  Like all else in this house it is developing its own little ways, like pausing for a full minute before bursting into action.  Just as Owner is ready to leap towards it banging and pressing buttons and going over the top, does it start.  Yes I love it.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you all are in it.  Big Love Wonka x