Thursday, 14 August 2014

Back to Earth Thursdee

Wonka here.  All is peaceful all is............hang on what am I saying!!  I am so happy that Owner has returned despite the flurry of activity and constant washing.  Every time I have sat down or settled nicely does Owner wash round me or even talk of the Monster.  I MUST GO ROUND WITH THE MONSTER she keeps on.  Bertie Bubbles is sound as a pound in his lair BUT, since Owner has whipped away his best blanket for the wash, he is now laying on fresh pilly cases and we must call it his palace.  NOW IT IS CLEAN she goes.  I love it.

Back to it para.  The nice thing about going away says Owner, is coming home. Righto I goes back.  Now I must say she is a proper whirling dervish and finally whizzled (my word I made it up and I like it,) off on her rounds.  Before that though she is even now on with a new project and it is family history this time on her beloved Dad's side.  This means nice old bits of paper I can lay on .and looking at lots of black and white photies.  Her Dad's Dad was born at  the turn of the century and has written it all down.  I HAVE DISCOVERED, she shouts up, A NEW GREAT UNCLE.  And he fought in the first World War and lived past it.  So I am trying hard not to lay in the blue box with all the important paperwork and such and so far I have not done so.  but, I love it.

short interlude of Photos para:  One of the things Owner did was to revisit her beloved donkey Sanctuary in Cornwall.  it is the Tamar one and she went to see Percy.  She says (I believe her too) that she called to him and even though he was scoffing a load of hay he came over to say hello.  So did another nice brown donkey and here they are:

Percy is on the left and nice brown donkey (I said to Owner you should have found out his good name but she is besotted....OOOH...with Percy) to the right.  they had lots of nice strokes on the nose and Owner was given a gift by her two friends patiently waiting.  guess what it was?  NO it wasn't that is was a beaut little tiny donkey on a chain that is even now dangling from Owner's best heavyweight pink bag.  She loves it.

Final back to earth if we must Para.  Me and Owner spent last night in the same whirlwind of PUTTING THINGS RIGHT now I am back home kind of an evening.  We saw a smidgeon of Corrie and note that Gail has been run over on her foot by her new and best friend Michael aka Les Dennis.  We know that Peetah has decided to vote I mean plead NOT GUILTY and it is all down to his new mucker JIM who was once married to Steve's Mum in the Rovers.  Now she is having a dalliance with thingy who is Todd's Dad we think and we also do not trust him.  Tonight for some reason Beeb 2 is devoted to more sport.  We are so sported out we don't even know where or why this is.  We could watch a film I suggested hoping that instead of nightmare alien things we could watch something like Captain America.  It says on the front it is OUTSTANDING and I must say I want it to be true.  MAYBE goes Owner with one eye on the family history box.  I love it.  Ruggles is on the good door mat cuddled down for a rest and I am not to tackle him under the dining room door.  So far I have not.  Neither have I poked my head round the palace to see if Bertie is still there.  GOOD WONKA said Owner and I was proud.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x