Saturday, 23 August 2014

Civilised Satdee

Wonka here. It is hard to concentrate as 1.  Owner got heating on and I keep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and other thing is we are watching the late great Michael Jackson's This is it!! Owner has to watch it every time it comes on, and he is mesmerising.  IT WOULD HAVE BEEN PERFECT goes Owner in a trance.  She loves him.

Fresh and civil para.  today has just been a very down to earth civilised day all round.  It began with a nice phone call.  This makes a giant change for Owner who is more used to annoying and fretful phone calls.  it turns out it was another handyman returning a call.  HE WAS SO NICE Wonka I am saving his number and name (Chris the builder).  This will be for the next inevitable job (love that word I do).  In the meantime, here is a good cartoon of the real Handyman poised to put the catflap in the luxury shed.  That's if the tomato triffid plant out there hasn't taken it over.  The last time Owner watered it she reports it will not stop growing!  Yes we have some tomatoes!!
There it is!  that is me perusing (OOH) the good back yard and there is one of the little gnomes to the left and our light up solar plastic tulips to the right and there smack bang up top is Owner chatting nicely (in a civilised fashion) to the super handyman.  There is also a glimpse of Baba's Buddleia!  and right on the shed door does it say RUG LIVES HERE!  We love him.
Fresh and more like it para.  Owner continued on her civil way visiting first aged sibling and then aged parent now languishing in a nearby hospital with a new and complex parking system.  I NEARLY LOST IT she reported when she fell back in with a few tiny supplies (you will recall we await a gigantic online shop tomorrow morning!  exciting or what!).  There was a ramp, there was a metal bar thing, tickets to get out of machines, and the EXIT sign was near on invisible!  Luckily no one was near enough to Owner to hear that word repeated several times, and of course I would have said Stop It! to Owner if I had been there to guide.  Was it a good visit I ventured?  VERY CIVILISED goes Owner who even chatted nicely to the Nurse in charge of Mother. I was impressed she goes, with the information.  Blimey I says coming out from behind the new bed settee!  Even Bertie Bubbles emerged (ooh) from the Narnia cupboard, expecting some fodder.  Owner's other name for him, alright one of them, is fruit bat.  To do with being in cupboards in the dark we think.  I love it.
Final civilised para.  I HAVE BOUGHT A LOTTO Ticket, she goes.  It had better be the winning one then I says.   I mean, our finances are teetering on the edge good folks without buying lotto tickets.  I told her to put it under the lucky Cornish piskie, who dangles from her purse.  That should do it.  Now last night we made it through a lot of telly.  We did watch Young Vets and now love Judy.  also we loved a little baby hedgehog that was sent straight to heaven, and Vinnie who was a horse having a tooth out.  Owner had big sympathies and did look away at the gory bit.  There was Corrie X 2 and bashed on the head Nick has come clean about his fake headaches!  Peetah is still going funny in the other nick (!) and Carling black eyebrows had her car pinched by Madeh.  We are afraid there will be an unlikely liaison there.  FOR GOODNESS SAKE goes Owner.  Tonight we must watch Casualtee and might tune in for a look at the new Doctor Who.  We are not, like the rest of the Wold, slaves to the Doctor.  I mean I don't understand the storylines but what do I know? Time to check out back for Ruggles who has his own Tardis (! Owner thinks this is an ace name for the delux shed).  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x